5 or 6 Inch Rotary Polisher Backing Plate


The 5-inch or 6-inch  Rotary Polisher Backing Plate works with High-speed Rotary Polishers and various polishing pads made of wool, microfiber, or foam to improve the gloss finish. Crafted from Polyurethane, they are durable for helping heavy-duty rotary tasks without leaving any scratches and swirls.


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5 or 6 Inch Rotary Polisher Backing Plate 

The 5 or 6 inch Rotary Backing Plate, 5/8" Thread is crafted for high-speed rotary polishers, ensuring secure and effortless contouring on various painted surfaces, including steep curves and body lines. Its one-piece molding offers durability and elasticity, further strengthened by the Polyurethane material. Engineered with heat dissipation technology, it ensures withstanding power and substantial throw during heavy-duty rotary polishing, collaborating with various foam, wool, and microfiber pads. The soft Hook and Loop attachment surface and a rigid polisher attachment further enhance a quick pad replacement and performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Imported PU with a soft edge which protects the pained surface safer
  • Shaped by injection molding, enhancing high elasticity and durability, 5/8" Thread
  • It helps with good temperature resistance, suitable for high-speed rotary polishers.
  • High-quality Hook and Loop for using it more than 10000 times
  • Specially designed for surface polishing, such as car, glass, ship, floor, etc.

Pair the 5-inch rotary polisher backing plate with a rotary polisher buffer, the M1000.

The rotary polisher buffer M1000 works with the 5-inch rotary polisher backing plate, offering 1000W rotary power for heavy-duty cutting or polishing, requiring extensive coverage.

Size (inch)

5 Inch , 6 Inch


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