Car Duster – Premium Cotton and Mini Microfiber

  • Safe and effective for all surfaces
  • Quickly and easily removes dust, dirt, and debris
  • Lifts away dust, doesn’t move it around
  • Extends time between car washes


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Car Dusters
Interior & Exterior Car Detailing

Each car duster gently attracts and lifts dust, pollen, and debris without leaving scratches or residue. The comfortable handle makes for easy maneuverability across both interior and exterior surfaces. Whether it’s a quick touch-up between car washes or a comprehensive car detailing session, the efficiency and versatility of our car duster make it a must-have for any car owner looking to maintain a pristine finish effortlessly.

Exterior & Interior Car Dusters

Features and Benefits

Car Duster - Premium Microfiber Cleaning Car Hood

Premium Cotton Exterior

Safely Attract Dust Without Scratching

The secret to the Premium Car Duster's success is its special wax-treated 100% cotton fibers. This mop literally attracts dust like a magnet, lifting it from your car's surface without scratching or damaging your paint.

Car Duster - Mini Interior Cleaning Entertainment Console

Mini Microfiber Interior

Extended Lifespan with the Thick Pile Microfiber

Crafted with soft and durable microfiber, this Mini Interior Duster will last after extensive repeated use while maintaining its effectiveness. The soft fibers eliminate the risk of scratching delicate surfaces. 

Car Duster - Premium Microfiber Cleaning Car Windshield

Premium Cotton Exterior

Save Yourself Time, Money, and Water

The Premium Cotton Duster is so effective that it can extend the time between car washes, saving you time, money, and water. It's also a great way to reduce your environmental impact.

Car Duster - Mini Interior Cleaning Car Dashboard

Mini Microfiber Interior

Compact Size Allows for Extensive Reach

Detail hard-to-reach areas you haven’t been able to get to before. The small mophead size lets you easily clean tricky spots such as between the back window and the rear deck and where the dash meets the windshield.

Car Duster - Premium Cotton Wax-Treated

Premium Cotton Exterior

Quality Materials Preferred by Car Aficionados

The wooden handle and heavy duty mophead make the Premium Cotton Duster the #1 choice of diehard car detailers, car enthusiasts, and casual vehicle owners alike.

Car Duster - Mini Interior Removable Head, Machine Wash

Mini Microfiber Interior

Easily Clean the Mophead in a Washing Machine

Keeping the microfiber head clean is hassle-free, just remove the mophead from the plastic handle and toss it into the washing machine to let it do all the hard work. 

Interior & Exterior Car Detailing

Car Duster Advanced Features

Car Dusters - Wax Treated Cotton Fibers Premium Exterior Duster

Wax-Treated Cotton Fibers

A special wax treatment embedded within the cotton fibers of the Premium Cotton Duster traps dust for a thorough clean, not just a surface swipe.
Car Dusters - Handy Carrying Case

Handy Carrying Case

Each duster comes with a convenient storage and carrying case.
Car Dusters - Thick Pile Twisted Microfiber Mini Interior Duster

Thick Pile Twisted Microfiber

The Mini Microfiber Duster features a thick pile to extends its durability and lifespan while providing a safe and effective way to remove light dust.

*We do not recommend washing the Premium Cotton Duster until it is pushing dust rather than lifting it. Even though the mop might be turning brown, the duster will still work effectively. Washing the car duster risks removing some of the baked-in wax treatment.

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Compare Car Dusters

Premium Cotton Car Duster

Mini Microfiber Car Duster


Premium Cotton

Mini Microfiber

Fiber Material

Wax-Treated Cotton


Handle Material



Ideal Application



Carrying Case

Dimensions & Weight

25(L) x 3.13(W) x 5(H) in, 1.31 lbs

13.5(L) x 3.25(W) x 3(H) in, 0.24 lbs

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Car Duster

Premium Cotton


Mini Microfiber

Product Dimensions & Weight (Premium Cotton Car Duster)

25(L) x 3.13(W) x 5(H) in, 1.31 lbs

Product Dimensions & Weight (Mini Microfiber Car Duster)

13.5(L) x 3.25(W) x 3(H) in, 0.24 lbs

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What are the benefits of using a car duster?

Quickly and easily removes dust, dirt, and debris from your car's interior and exterior. Lifts dust away, preventing it from being moved around. Extends the time between car washes, saving you time, money, and water. Safe and effective for all surfaces, including delicate interiors.

What's the difference between the Premium Cotton and Mini Microfiber Duster?

The Premium Cotton Duster is ideal for exteriors, with its larger size and wax-treated cotton fibers that attract and trap dust. The Mini Microfiber Duster is perfect for interiors, featuring a compact size for reaching tight spaces and super soft microfiber that's gentle on delicate surfaces.

Do these car dusters scratch my car's paint?

No! Both the wax-treated cotton and microfiber materials are specifically chosen to be safe for all car finishes.

How often should I wash the car dusters?

The Premium Cotton Duster should only be washed when it's no longer effectively lifting dust. Washing it too frequently can remove the special wax treatment. The Mini Microfiber Duster's mophead can be easily tossed in the washing machine for hassle-free cleaning.

What's the special wax treatment for Premium Cotton Car Duster?

The wax treatment in the cotton fibers attracts dust like a magnet, ensuring a thorough clean, not just a surface swipe.

Why is a wooden handle preferred with the Premium Cotton Car Duster?

The wooden handle provides a high-quality feel and is a favorite among car enthusiasts for its durability and classic look.

How big is the Premium Cotton Duster?

It measures 25 inches long, 3.13 inches wide, and 5 inches high, making it easy to maneuver around your car.

How does the small size of the Mini Microfiber Car Duster help with cleaning?

The compact size allows you to reach tight spaces like between seats, the dashboard, and air vents.

Is the microfiber material safe for all interior surfaces?

Yes! The soft microfiber is gentle enough for even the most delicate surfaces like your car's navigation screen or instrument cluster.

How can I wash the Mini Microfiber mophead?

Simply remove the mophead from the plastic handle and toss it in the washing machine for a quick and easy clean.

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