Snow Master Kit


The car wash product includes a foam cannon and foam wash as a kit, bringing you the essentials in ultimate car care.

The Snow Master Kit provides an easy way for your car washing experience. 

Products Included:

SMFC002:Snow Master Foam Cannon – 1

MFOZ16:Ultra Foaming Wash 16oz – 1


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The Car Wash Product

Maxshine Snow Master Kit 

The car wash product is a unique combination of Maxshine Snow Master, a car wash foam cannon, and Ultra-foam Wash packaged together for convenience, two(2) essentials for your car washing, blending the foam wash in the foam cannon.  

The Car Wash Foam Cannon is a NEW Maxshine Snow Master Foam Cannon, capable of holding 35oz of soapy water to create an extravagant stream of foam that will leave your vehicle covered and ready for washing.  

Crafted from quality material and functional design, it offers durability, reliability, and convenience. 

  • Adaptation of quality brass 

  • Durable body 

  • Corrosion resistant 


Snow Master Car Wash Foam Cannon

Features and Benefits: The Snow Master

The extra-large 35 oz soap solution tank and fully adjustable sprayer nozzle enable foaming on any vehicle, suitable for enthusiast or professional use.

  • Adjustable Spray Pattern with 360-degree 
  • Suitable for a wide range of Pressure Washer Units on the Market, including an adjustable 1/4″ Quick Disconnect Adapter
  • Copper casting parts construction and firm sealing allow keeping the pressure, not easy to leak, and the foam is heavy and smooth.
  • Easy fill wide mouth opening, crafted from the fingerprint thread, an anti-skid ware-resistant, and comfortable to hold. 
  • An empty foam cannon can stand firmly without falling.

Features and Benefits: The Ultra-foam Wash

  • Removes dirt, grime, and debris without scratching
  • Safe on all surfaces and protective coatings
  • Eco-friendly pH neutral formula


Min~Max Pressure870PSI~3,190 PSI
Min~Max Flow1.3GPM~5.3GPM
Maximum Temperature140°F
Nozzle Diameter1-1/4”
Maximum Pressure3,190 PSI


Snow Master Kits

Kit 1 [Cannon & Wash]


Kit 2 [Cannon, Wash, & Microfiber Mitt]


Kit 3 [Cannon, Wash, & Wash Pad]


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