[Open-Box] M0312 V2 – Cordless Hybrid Rotary & DA

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  • The cordless dual action polisher weighs only 2.11LBS and works as rotary and DA in one body
  • Maximize full mobility with the handy cordless and super lightweight design 
  • Performs well with polishing tight areas, further assisted by the rotary extension
  • LED status display for speed and battery life keeps you constantly informed with a quick glance
  • Eliminate hand strain with the upgraded handle which features a more ergonomic grip

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The Hybrid Dual Action and Rotary Polisher

Cordless Dual Action Polisher
Maximizing Mobility, Super Lightweight, Hybrid

The Cordless Dual Action Polisher gives you full mobility to polish tight areas, complex curves, and minute details. Its light 2.11lb weight, 35 to 45-minute non-stop operation with the included battery, and six adjustable speeds further extends its expansive use capabilities. The hybrid feature provides a rotary and dual action polisher all in one body.  

M0312 V2 Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher

Features & Benefits

Exceptional Reach with the Cordless Dual Action Polisher 

Struggle no more. Seamlessly navigate and polish even the most inaccessible areas without difficulty with this mini car polishing machine. 

Mini Cordless Polisher V2-40web reach every site

Versatile and Economic Hybrid Polisher: Rotary and DA Polisher All-in-One

The mini cordless dual action polisher offers a hybrid of a rotary and DA polisher. Simply change the adaptor module to either 3mm DA, 12mm DA, or rotary as you see fit for your detailing job.  

mini cordless adaptor

Six Adjustable Speed Control for Precision Polishing

You can adjust the speed while polishing small and tight areas, increasing precision in your polishing. The the speed and battery life can be quickly checked via the LED display, maximizing your convenience. 

MaxShine Mini cordless polisher v2 light display

Continuous Polishing for Increased Productivity

Enjoy non-stop polishing with the 2-battery system. Thanks to the speedy 30-minute battery charging time, you can run the machine with one battery while charging the other. The boosted battery quality, upgraded internal components, and added LED speed and battery life display make the M0312 V2 an enhanced machine you can’t detail without.

Extension Shaft mini cordless polisher reach every place

Hand Fatigue is Non-Existent

Advancing from the Version 1, the Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher has been designed with a more comfortable, ergonomic, and rubberized grip. Complementing this to reduce hand strain is the trigger lock, maintain polishing speed without having to constantly press the trigger.

mini cordless polisher v2 in use
M0312 V2

Cordless Dual Action & Rotary Polisher Advanced Features

The Best Hybrid Mini Cordless Polisher Hybrid (DA & Rotary)

Enhanced Grip MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

Enhanced Grip

The ergonomic design and electromechanical balance offer less vibration, resulting in precision polishing and reduced hand fatigue.
Added Status Display MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

Added Status Display

Easily stay updated on the battery life and polisher speed with the convenient LED display.
MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2Redesigned Speed Control

Redesigned Speed Control

Revamped for optimal performance, the speed dial now has a more intuitive handling control.

What's in the Box?

    MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2
    MaxShine M0312 V2 Mini Cordless Polisher Battery Pack

    Batteries & Charger

    2 Batteries: 2.0Ah 12v, Battery Wall Charger (12v 2.0A)
    MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2 Tools

    Assembly Wrenches

    All the tools you need to transform your polisher
    Polish Bag for MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

    Hard Case

    Carry and protect all your Mini Cordless Polisher V2 tools in one perfect Hard Case

    Heads & Backing Plates

    3mm DA Head (CNC Steel Counterweight), 12mm DA Head (CNC Steel Counterweight), 1.5in Backing Plate, 2in Backing Plate

    Rotary Head & Extension Bar

    Rotary Head, 3in Rotary Extension Bar

    Mini Cordless Machine

    MaxShine’s M0312 V2 Mini Cordless Polisher
    Red Polishing Pad MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

    Finishing Pads

    1.5 in (5 Pcs), 2 in (5 Pcs)
    Yellow Polishing Pad MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

    Polishing Pads

    1.5 in (5 Pcs), 2 in (5 Pcs)
    Wool Cutting Pads MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

    Wool Cutting Pads

    1.5 in (5 Pcs), 2 in (5 Pcs)
    Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

    Microfiber Cutting Pads

    1.5 in (5 Pcs), 2 in (5 Pcs)

    LED Display Indicators

    LED Display

    Battery Indicator

    Optimal Charge

    100% ~ 50%

    Reduced Charge

    50% ~ 20%

    Need Charge

    0% ~ 20%

    MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

    RPM LED Indicator

    Step 1: 2000RPM Step 2: 2600RPM Step 3: 3200RPM Step 4: 3800RPM Step 5: 4400RPM Step 6: 4700RPM

    MaxShine Dual Action Polishers

    Compare DA Polishers

    M15 Pro

    M8S V2

    Mini Cordless
    Polisher V2

    MaxShine M15 Pro Dual Action Orbital Polisher

    MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher for Car Detailing

    MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

    Dual Action

    Dual Action & Rotary








    3mm, 12mm


    2,200-5,000 OPM

    2,500-6,500 OPM

    2,000-4,700 RPM

    Backing Plate



    1.5in & 2in


    5.15 lbs

    5.11 lbs

    4.65 lbs

    Dimensions (in)

    16(L) x 4.1(W) x 5.1(H)

    13.4(L) x 3.5(W) x 5.4(H)

    12(L) x 2.13(W) x 3.05(H)

    Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

    The Mini Cordless Polisher, Maxshine M0312 V2, is a pint-sized workhorse that brings accessibility and precision to your hand. This cordless dual action polisher with rotary capabilities offers unparalleled mobility and versatility. The M0312 V2 is designed for those hard-to-reach areas and quick touch-ups, delivering exceptional performance without being tethered to a power cord. Embrace the freedom of cordless detailing and experience the convenience of the Mini Cordless Polisher M0312 V2 by MaxShine.

    M0312 V1 Enhancements

    The M0312 V2 comes with multiple enhancements from the previous version: 

    • Improved battery quality
    • Better balance for lower vibration and temperature
    • More precise speed control with an anti-slip switch
    • More torque power, softer and better ergonomic grip

    Super Lightweight

    It only weighs 2.11 pounds with battery and pad, allowing for easier polishing and seamless contouring.

    Adjustable Speed On-the-Fly

    Adjustable speed settings offer additional convenience while you are working on your car detailing; it provides 6 Speed Settings: 2500 - 6000rpm; Step 1: 2000RPM; Step 2: 2600RPM; Step 3: 3200RPM; Step 4: 3800RPM; Step 5: 4400RPM; 6:4700RPM. You can easily find out the step through the RPM indicator LED.

    Hybrid Design: Dual Action Polisher and Rotary Buffer

    The Cordless Car Detailing Polisher with 80W works as a Dual Action Polisher and a Rotary Polisher by exchanging the module.

    Battery Status Display

    Battery indicator color changes based on availability: Green 50% ~ 100%; Yellow 20% ~ 50; and Red 0% ~ 20%. When the battery reaches 0%, the red LED blinks. 2 Batteries (2Ah) in the package for non-stop operation. 

    Operation time: 35 to 45 minutes

    Charging time: 30 minutes.

    Easy Installation

    Fast and easy polisher head installation keeps correction jobs running smoothly and efficiently with this mini cordless dual action polisher with rotary capability.
    MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2 - Elevated Accessories Kit
    Weight 4 lbs
    Dimensions 14 × 10 × 4 in
    Product Dimensions & Weight

    12(L) × 2.13(W) × 3.05(H) in, 2.11 lbs

    Polisher Type

    Hybrid (Dual Action & Rotary)

    Orbit Diameter

    3mm, 12mm

    Backing Plate

    1.5in & 2in




    2000-4700 RPM

    Spindle Thread Size


    Power Cord


    Speed Control

    1 – 6


    Variable Speed



    Maxshine_Acronim_Logo Brand


    Condition New: Each product in new condition guarantees pristine quality and optimal effectiveness, setting a new standard for automotive care. Open-Box: Unbeatable Value, Trusted Quality. Shop confidently knowing our open-box products offer exceptional value without compromising on quality.


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    Does the Mini Cordless Polisher include a battery?

    Yes, the Mini Cordless Polisher comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

    What is the average battery life of the MaxShine Mini Cordless Polisher?

    The Mini Cordless Polisher battery life can vary based on usage, but on average, it can last between 30 to 45 minutes on a full charge.

    How long does it take to fully charge the battery of the Mini Cordless Polisher?

    Typically, it takes around 30 minutes to fully charge the Mini Cordless Polisher battery.

    Can I use this Mini Cordless Polisher for heavy-duty tasks or larger vehicles?

    While it's designed for smaller areas and detailing tasks, the Mini Cordless Polisher can handle moderate work on larger vehicles. For heavy-duty tasks, consider our larger models.

    What size pads are compatible with the MaxShine Mini Cordless Polisher

    This Mini Cordless Polisher is compatible with pads ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter.

    Is the Mini Cordless Polisher suitable for beginners or DIY enthusiasts

    Yes, MaxShine's Mini Cordless Polisher is user-friendly and suitable for beginners and DIY enthusiasts

    Does the Mini Cordless Polisher have adjustable speed?

    Yes, the Mini Cordless Polisher has multiple speed settings for different detailing tasks, usually ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 RPM.

    Can I use the Mini Cordless Polisher for both polishing and waxing?

    Absolutely! This Mini Cordless Polisher is versatile and can be used for various detailing tasks, including polishing and applying wax or sealant.

    Is MaxShine's Mini Cordless polisher easy to handle and maneuver?

    Yes, the compact size and ergonomic design of the Mini Cordless Polisher make it easy to handle and maneuver even in tight spaces.

    Is there a warranty included with the Mini Cordless Polisher?

    MaxShine polishers have a 1-year limited warranty, which includes the Mini Cordless Polisher. Check the warranty page for details and exclusions.

    Can I use different pads with the M0312 V2 Mini Cordless Polisher?

    Yes, the Mini Cordless Polisher M0312 V2 is compatible with various pads designed for polishing, buffing, and finishing.

    What is the ideal application for the Mini Cordless Polisher?

    It's suitable for smaller areas, intricate spots, and hard-to-reach places on a vehicle, like bumpers, mirrors, and narrow spaces.

    What's included with the Mini Cordless Polisher?

    The package usually includes the cordless polisher unit, two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a charger, various polishing pads, two backing plates, two dual action heads, one rotary head, rotary extension shaft, installation hardware, carrying case, and an operator's manual.

    Does the Mini Cordless Polisher have safety features?

    Yes, the Mini Cordless Polisher comes with safety features such as an ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and control, as well as overload protection to prevent overheating or damage during prolonged use.

    Can I use the Mini Cordless Polisher on different surfaces or materials?

    The Mini Cordless Polisher is suitable for various surfaces, including car paint, plastic, glass, and metal. However, always test on a small inconspicuous area first, especially on sensitive surfaces.

    How do I maintain the Mini Cordless Polisher for long-term use?

    Regularly clean the pads after use, ensure the battery is charged as per instructions, and store the Mini Cordless Polisher in a cool, dry place.

    Is the Mini Cordless Polisher suitable for both interior and exterior detailing?

    Yes, the Mini Cordless Polisher is versatile and can be used for both interior and exterior detailing tasks, such as polishing paintwork, restoring headlights, or buffing interior surfaces.

    Are additional accessories available for MaxShine's Mini Cordless Polisher?

    Yes, there are often additional accessories and replacement parts available for purchase separately, such as extra Mini Cordless Polisher batteries or more polishing pads.

    1 year warranty MaxShine - Best detailing Polishers and Buffers

    MaxShine Dual Action Polishers and Buffers Warranty:

    Included in the purchase of a MaxShine Dual Action Polisher or Rotary Machine is a 1-year mechanical warranty, from purchase date. Exclusions include but are not limited to dismantled equipment, normal wear and tear, improper use and not following standard operational instructions.

    MaxShine Guarantee

    As of September 1st, 2023, MAXSHINE will maintain, repair or replace any defective tool, due to faulty materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the warranty. Subject to certain exclusions below. Receipts are required for all warranty claims. MaxShine does not cover shipping cost for repairs.

    *To efficiently process a claim under warranty please keep a copy of the proof of purchase with the MaxShine product name, business name where purchased, and the purchase date.