Dual Action Backing Plate – 5″/6″


The dual action backing plate is durable and flexible, supporting up to 10,000OPM, and made of durable material with heat and vibration reduction design. 

  • Ideal for high-speed DA polishers 
  • Durable and flexible material construction 
  • The Smart design allows heat dissipation, less vibration, and balance. 
  • Originally designed for working with M8S V1 and M8S V2 DA Polishers


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Dual Action Backing Plate, 5″/6″ | High-Speed DA Polishers, Supporting Up To 10,000 OPM

The dual-action backing plate offers seamless contouring with high-speed polishers on car surfaces thanks to heat management and a balanced design for reducing heat and vibration, supporting high-speed DA polishers and 5-inch or 6-inch polishing pads. Crafted from durable polyurethane(PU) material, it allows great endurance to the heat and pressure. 

Perfect fit for high-speed DA polishers

The 5-inch or 6-inch DA backing plates are a perfect match for high-speed polishers with 5/16” diameter thread thanks to the quality material construction engineered for heat dissipation, pressure endurance, and balance, supporting up to 10,000 OPM DA polishers. Maxshine designed them for Maxshine M8S V1 and M8S V2; however, they are available to other high-speed polishers.  

The Smart design of the backing plate 

The backing plate is built with polyurethane, known for being heat and pressure-resistive, further helped by the 6-hole vents, allowing easy airflow to reduce heat. The center of the plate comprises the thread and six(6) reinforced steel struts, balancing the plate and resulting in less vibration for high-precision polishing. 

The hook and Loop fastener 

The backing plate provides a firm attachment with a pad for heavy tasks, staying centered and balanced.

Dimensions and weight

6": 5.7 Diameter x 0.4 inch (W): without the bolt, 4.4oz

5": 4.8 Diameter x 1 inch(W): with the bolt, 3.5oz

Summary of the DA polishing plates

  •  Distributes pressure evenly for optimum defect removal with a high-speed DA polisher
  • 10mm thickness of the Polyurethane provides durability from heat and pressure.  
  • The flexible backing plate is ideal for all brands of Dual Action polishing machines with a 5/16″ diameter thread.
  • The hook and loop backing plate grips all pad types, ensuring pads stay centered and balanced.
  • The vented design offers fresh air to help cool the backing plate and extend durability.
  • It can be used more than 10,000 times.

Advanced Features

Maxshine DA Backing Pad

Maxshine DA Backing Pad

Dual Action Backing Plate




Suits for all types of the 5" or 6" foam pads.

The Hook and Loop, made of heat-resistant material make it durable and longevity in heavy-duty applications.

The vented design offers fresh airflow to cool down the backing plate and extend durability.

 Dual Action Backing PlateDual Action Backing Plate
Product5" DA Backing Plate6" DA Backing Plate
Material PUPU
Vented holes SixSix

People Also Asked 

What are the six(6) reinforced steel struts in the center of the dual-action backing plate?

Dual Action Backing Plate

They maintain balance and apply pressure evenly to the pad.

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Weight 0.26 lbs
Dimensions 4.92 × 5.43 × 1.18 in
Size (inch)



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