MaxShine Grab and Go Car Care Kits

  • Get a thorough wash and quick protection with the Wash Bundle
  • The Wheel & Tire Bundle degreases, decontaminates, and adds a lustrous sheen
  • Achieve maximum shine with the all-encompassing Paint Correct Bundle


Whether choosing products by process or selecting the whole array, MaxShine’s Grab and Go Car Care Kits provide the proper detailing chemicals to accomplish any cleaning or correcting project.


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Transform your vehicle’s appearance from a mere wash to an extraordinary exterior detail that unequivocally demonstrates your devotion to preserving its pristine condition. With MaxShine’s Grab and Go Car Care Kits you can meticulously eliminate every speck of dirt, grime, stubborn brake dust, and any other unwelcome impurities with utmost care and efficiency; embark on a transformative journey to unleash the full potential of your paint with a comprehensive correction; and elevate your car’s allure with an exterior detail that goes beyond expectation.


Wash Wheels & Tires Paint Correct
MaxShine Grab and Go Car Care Kit Wash-01 MaxShine Grab and Go Car Care Kit Wheel & Tire-01 MaxShine Grab and Go Car Care Kit Paint-01
More than a wash, an exterior detail shows you treat your ride right. Correctly and safely remove dirt and grime with Ultra Foaming Wash, window smudges with Glass Cleaner, difficult water spots with Water Spot Remover, and protect all your hard work with Mist Enhance and Protect. Wheels get the dirtiest and need enhanced care. Provide a mild cleaning with All in One Cleaner, target caked on grease and grime with Wheel & Tire Cleaner, eliminate brake dust and industrial fallout with FeX Iron Remover, and nourish your tires with Tire Shine. Differing levels of paint imperfections require different chemicals. Go with a one-step enhancement to minimize swirls with All in One Polish, achieve and greater cut with Cut-Max Cutting Compound, remove hazing and increase shine with Shine-Max Polish, and produce a dazzling shimmer with complete protection with X-Treme Glaze.
  • Ultra Foaming Wash
  • Water Spot Remover
  • Mist Enhance and Protect
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Wheel & Tire Cleaner
  • All in One Cleaner
  • FeX Iron Remover
  • Tire Shine
  • All in One Polish & Protect
  • Cut-Max Cutting Compound
  • Shine-Max Polish
  • X-Treme Glaze
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Wheel & Tire


Paint Correct


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