[Open-Box] Handheld Dryer EVO-S, Compact, Powerful

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  • The handheld dryer works as a car detailing blower, helping to dry target areas safely with filtered air. 
  • The handheld car dryer is compact but powerful, providing 22,000FPM (feet per minute), airspeed, and 90CPM(cubit per minute) Air Flow.   
  • Two(2) focused nozzle tips allow to dry efficiently. 

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Handheld Dryer For Car – Powerful Air Flow, Filtered Air, Long Power Cord for Extensive Reach

The Handheld Dryer enhances car detailing, providing convenience and safeguarding the hours invested in car surface corrections, headlight restoration, and car washing activities by delivering filtered air. The lightweight and extended power cord allows uninterrupted work around the car, boasting considerable power with ample air speed (22,000 FPM) and airflow (90 CPM), enabling precise targeting of specific spots on the car’s surface for safe drying with its compact size. The blow drying process serves as the final stage of car detailing, and it allows you to choose between rounded or rectangular focused plastic nozzles, catering to various shapes for efficient warm air drying to target specific areas for efficient drying.

HANDHELD DRYER for car detailing

Compact yet powerful Mini Car Wash Dryer 

The Maxshine Mini Car Wash Dryer satisfies your car detailing tasks, optimized in size for mobility, featuring lightweight construction, significant air speed (22,000 FPM), and airflow (90 CPM). The dryer helps your job safely dry targeted spots, windows, and mirrors, ensuring precision in your car care routine.

The safe filtered air – Handheld Car Dryer

The handheld car dryer is engineered for car detailing, blowing clean air without dust in the air. 

Safeguard your valuable car surface detailing jobs with filtered air drying with precision using the car dryer, equipped with a built-in air filter from potential scratches and swirl marks caused by the warm air dryer. The dryer includes two focused plastic nozzles for efficiently targeting different shapes of areas.


Extended Reach with the Long Power

The lengthy power cord of the car dryer offers exceptional access to various parts of the auto body with the 20 feet in length, which comfortably covers most cars, allowing you to move around and efficiently carry out essential car detailing drying. 

Dimensions & weight

12(L) x 4.8(W) x 8.6(H), 3.17 LBS

Package dimensions and weight

11.5 x 10.7 x 5.25 inches, 4.68 LBS 

Specifics of the car dryer:



Measurement for: 

Air Speed 

22000FPM (Feet per minute) The velocity of the air traveling per minute

Air Volume

90CFM (Cubic feet per minute) The volume of air movement per minute

Maximum vacuum degree, airflow, efficiency 

Max Vacuum Degree: ≥24 Kpa

Max Airflow: ≥2.4 m³/min

Max Efficiency: ≥30%

The maximum output of the air

Other output variables

Temperature Rise: ≤115K

Vibration: ≤20 mm/s

Noise: n≤98 dB

Spark: ≤2

Output variables


US 110-120V/ 10 AMP, 1200W

Horsepower: 1.5HP with a single motor

Rated Frequency: US 60Hz

Rated Input Power: 1200±8% W

 US Standard

2 Nozzle tips

Rounded or Rectangular focused plastic nozzles

Shape of the nozzle


Power cord Length 

20 feet

Note: the average car length is 15 feet, and the car dryer is 20 feet.

Check The Holder For The Dryer

Car Dryer – Maxshine Handheld Dryer Car Dryer Holder 
Product Image car Dryer, blower png 2 MaxShine Mini Handheld Car Dryer Holder Empty
Dimensions 11.5 x 10.7 x 5.25 inches 12 × 3 × 5 inch
Weight 4.68 LBS 2LBS.

People Also Asked

Why do I need filtered air for car drying?

The car dryer may blow out the dust in the air, which can damage the car’s surface.

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in
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