500GSM Fluffy Wax Removal Microfiber Towel


• Wipe away wax with scratch-free results
Smoothly buff coatings to a seamless shine
• Ultra-soft, plush pile is gentle on sensitive surfaces


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Multipurpose Car Detailing Towel

Microfiber Car Cloth
Fluffy Wax Removal Microfiber Towel

Our microfiber car cloth goes beyond just wax removal. Its plush construction makes it ideal for erasing any remaining compound, polish, or wax as well as buffing out coatings and effortless waterless washes. Eliminating difficult chemical residues while maintaining a scratch-free surface is a breeze with MaxShine Fluffy Wax Removal Microfiber Towels.

Fluffy Wax Removal Microfiber Towel

Features and Benefits

Effortlessly Buff and Remove Wax

This microfiber car cloth is perfect for removing wax and buffing coatings to a flawless shine. The ultra-soft, plush pile gently lifts away wax residue without scratching sensitive surfaces. It's also useful for removing any remaining compound or polish, making it a versatile tool for car detailing.

500GSM Fluffy Wax Removal Microfiber Car Cloth Wiping Wax

Luxurious Microfiber for Scratch-Free Results

Crafted from luxurious, 500GSM microfiber, this high-quality material ensures exceptional absorbency for streak-free results. The edgeless and silk edge designs eliminate the risk of scratches or swirls. The towel is also durable and built to last, making it a perfect companion for all your car detailing needs.

500GSM Fluffy Wax Removal Microfiber Car Cloth Wiping Blue Hood BMW

Multi-Purpose Towel for Diverse Cleaning Tasks

This adaptable microfiber car cloth is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for various detailing tasks, including removing chemical residue, buffing and polishing, and waterless washes. The high water absorption makes it easy to remove residue, while the soft microfiber ensures a scratch-free finish.

500GSM Fluffy Wax Removal Microfiber Car Cloth

Microfiber Car Cloth Advanced Features

500GSM Fluffy Wax Removal Microfiber Car Cloth - Multiple Pile Options