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  • The rotary polisher M1300 Pro helps get big projects done fast with the 1300W motor and a large 7-inch backing plate.
  • Gently ease into polishing with the progressive trigger to minimize splatter
  • Quickly swap backing plates with the convenient spindle lock button
  • Maintain consistent buffing power with the engineered constant power control
  • Included rubberized D-Handle maximizes comfort and sustains control

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The Robust Rotary Polisher

The Rotary Polisher M1300 Pro
Seamless Operation for Extensive Coverage

This rotary polisher, the powerful M1300 Pro, is the ultimate choice for professionals and enthusiasts. With a potent 1300-watt motor and variable speed dial and trigger, it effortlessly cuts through complex imperfections. This well-balanced, user-friendly rotary buffer sets the benchmark of quality and performance. Advance your paint correction skills with MaxShine Rotary Polishers.

M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher

Features & Benefits

Exceptional Performance

The skillful combination of a robust motor and the concentric rotation action of a rotary machine gives you superior efficiency in your paint cutting power.

MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher Buffer Polisher Wool Buffing

Expanded Power Range with 6 Adjustable Speed Control

Achieve a greater level of refinement from the wide speed ranges between 600RPM to 3200RPMs, offering you the flexibility to handle a wide array of polishing and buffing jobs.

MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher Buffer Polisher Speed Dial

Extensive Adaptability of the Rotary Buffer

Gracefully tackle a vast range of surface areas. The 3 inch to 7 inch backing plate compatibility broadens your field of correction possibilities.

MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher Buffer Polisher Buffing

Heavy Duty Construction

Built to stand up against your toughest projects, the sturdy rotary spindle and rugged motor make this a beast of a machine.

MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher Buffer Polisher 7in Backing Plate onto 5/8in Spindle Thread

Safe and Reliable

The improved cord guard and included rubber rest help keep your machine in top shape and preserve its longevity.

MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher Buffer Polisher in Shop
M1300 Pro

The 7in/1300W Rotary Polisher Advanced Features

The Robust 1300W Rotary Buffer

Spindle Lock for MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Buffer Rotary Polisher

Convenient Spindle Lock

No need for a wrench, switch backing plates faster and easier with a push of a button.
D-Handle for MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Buffer Rotary Polisher

Adjustable Handle

Optional D-handle lets you attain greater control and longer lasting comfort
Trigger Lock for MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Buffer Rotary Polisher

Helpful Trigger Lock

Save yourself from hand fatigue and maintain continuous operation

*Caution: Do not press spindle lock while machine is running

What's in the Box?

MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher Buffer Polisher
MaxShine Rotary Buffers

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M1300 Pro

MaxShine M550 Rotary Car Polisherperfect

MaxShine M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer

MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher Buffer Polisher







1,000-3,500 RPM

800-3,500 RPM

600-3,200 RPM

Backing Plate





4.2 lbs

5.5 lbs

7.3 lbs

Dimensions (in)

12.5(L) x 3.1(W) x 4.0(H)

16.1(L) x 3.5(W) x 4.2(H)

19.69(L) x 8.27(W) x 6.3(H)

M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher

The rotary polisher M1300 Pro, 1300-watts, offers a robust rotary buffing action, smoothly contouring to correct paint on car surfaces, assisted by the heavy-duty power engine combined with the 7-inch disc. The weight of the polisher head only requires minimal hand pressure, producing effective detailing results.

Six Adjustable Speed Rotary Buffer 

The selectable speed dial on the top of the car polisher allows six variable speeds ranging from 600, 1100, 1700, 2200, 2700, to 3200, providing seamless job flow and helping your job productivity.

The Constant Power of the Rotary Polisher Helps Your Fine Car Detailing.

The rotary polisher allows a soft start without disrupting buffing action while producing a constant 1300-watt power due to the balanced electro-mechanical engineering, resulting in fine cutting, polishing, and finishing jobs.

Heavy-duty Spindle, Spindle Lock, and Trigger Switch for Efficient Control

The fine rotary polisher brings multi-value to control the heavy-duty 5/8in spindle and progressive switch. The Spindle Lock on the top of the machine allows locking its position for efficient backing plate replacement, while locking the Progressive Trigger Switch keeps the machine running.

Dust Prevention and Heat Dissipation 

The built-in Air Vents play a vital role in preventing dust from entering the machine's air circulation system and lowering the heat from the single circular motion of the rotary polisher. Additionally, the powder-coated rotor and stator provide efficient dust protection, further assisted by the protection basket for rotor winding against sharp grinding dust.

Carbon Brushes and 100% Ball-bearing of the Polisher Offers the Best Longevity

The polisher embraces Auto Shut-off Carbon Brushes, preventing motor damage, and provides sealed 100% ball-bearing for best longevity.

Heavy-duty Buffer

This rotary polisher is one of the best car buffing polishing tools, equipped with a powerful 1300-watt motor and 7-inch disc covering extensive and intensive paint correction jobs while providing multiple values to manage your detailing job efficiently. The heavy-duty spindle and the head weight with the power wattage allow smooth paint correction jobs on extensive car surfaces, professionally removing scratches, swirls, and incorrect paints.


Machine Polisher Wall Holder

Store your polisher properly to keep it in pristine condition. Obtain a Polisher Wall Holder to fit your detailing space.

MaxShine Cut-Max Cutting Compound Car Scratch Remover MCOZ16

Match your machine with the appropriate compound, polish, or protectant. If you prefer a streamlined cutting process, experiment with Cut-Max Cutting Compound.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 19.8 × 6.5 × 5.2 in
Product Dimensions & Weight

19.69(L) x 8.27(W) x 6.3(H)in, 7.28lbs

Polisher Type

Rotary / Buffer

Backing Plate

7in (178mm)



No Load Speed

600-3,200 RPM

Speed Control

600, 1100, 1700, 2200, 2700, 3200

Power Cord

13 Foot Heavy Duty Cable

Spindle Thread Size



Variable Speed



Maxshine_Acronim_Logo Brand


Condition New: Each product in new condition guarantees pristine quality and optimal effectiveness, setting a new standard for automotive care. Open-Box: Unbeatable Value, Trusted Quality. Shop confidently knowing our open-box products offer exceptional value without compromising on quality.


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What is a rotary polisher, and how does it differ from other types of polishers?

A rotary polisher is a power tool used in auto detailing and other applications to polish and restore surfaces. It differs from other polishers, like dual-action polishers, by having a direct-drive spinning motion, making it more aggressive but requiring more skill to use.

What is the power rating of the 1300W Rotary Polisher, and why is it important?

The 1300W Rotary Polisher has a 1300-watt motor. The power rating is important as it determines the tool's ability to maintain a consistent speed under load, which is crucial for achieving even and effective polishing.

Can this rotary polisher handle different sizes of backing plates, specifically 3 inches to 7 inches?

Yes, this rotary polisher can accommodate backing plates ranging from 3 inches to 7 inches in diameter, providing versatility for various polishing tasks. 1 inch and 2 inch backing plates are also compatible with the M1300 Pro, however it is not recommended to use them due to the increased difficulty in handling such a powerful machine with small backing plates. This is especially true if using small backing plates with an extension shaft.

What are the main applications of a rotary polisher in auto detailing and other tasks?

The main applications include paint correction, swirl mark removal, oxidation removal, and restoring the shine of automotive and other painted surfaces.

Is a rotary polisher suitable for both beginners and professional users, or is it more geared towards one group?

While suitable for both beginners and professionals, rotary polishers require more skill and care to avoid paint damage. Beginners may benefit from training and practice.

How do I attach and change backing plates on this M1300 Pro rotary polisher?

To attach or change backing plates, use the spindle lock to immobilize the spindle, then unscrew the old plate and attach the new one.

Does the M1300 Pro include backing plates, or do I need to purchase them separately?

A 7-inch backing plate is included with the purchase of the M1300.

What is the maximum RPM that the M1300 Pro can achieve, and is it adjustable?

The maximum RPM is 3200, but it is adjustable with a range of 600-3200 RPMs.

Is the M1300 Pro equipped with variable speed control for different polishing needs, such as buffing or cutting?

Yes, the M1300 Pro rotary polisher features a variable speed control to adjust the RPM based on your specific polishing needs.

How do I maintain and clean the rotary polisher for optimal performance and longevity?

Regularly clean the machine, replace worn parts, and keep it well-lubricated. Refer to the user manual for detailed maintenance instructions.

Are there any safety features or precautions I should be aware of when using the M1300 Pro?

Safety precautions include wearing protective gear like safety glasses and gloves, working in a well-ventilated area, and avoiding prolonged use in one spot to prevent heat buildup and paint damage. Make sure to not press the spindle lock while the machine is running as it will cause damage to the polisher.

Can the M1300 Pro be used with various types of polishing pads and compounds?

Yes, it is compatible with a variety of polishing pads and compounds. Choose the appropriate ones for your specific polishing task.

Does the M1300 Pro come with any warranties or guarantees, and what do they cover?

The warranty for the M1300 Pro may vary, but it typically includes a one-year limited warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. Check the warranty page for full details.

What kind of noise and vibration levels can I expect while using the M1300 Pro?

Noise can be substantial and vibration can be strong, though is it on par with other rotary polishers, but using hearing protection and taking breaks during extended use is advisable.

Is there a specific type of extension cord or power source recommended for safe operation?

Use a heavy-duty extension cord rated for the polisher's power consumption. Always follow local electrical safety regulations.

Can I use this polisher for heavy-duty tasks like removing heavy scratches, or is it primarily for finishing work?

You can use it for heavy-duty tasks, but it requires skill and the right combination of pads and compounds to remove heavy scratches safely.

Are there any specific care instructions for the backing plates used with this polisher?

Keep backing plates clean and free of debris, and inspect them for wear regularly. Replace when necessary to maintain effective performance.

What type of maintenance or servicing might be required for the rotary polisher over time?

Maintenance may include lubricating moving parts, replacing worn brushes or parts, and ensuring proper ventilation to prevent overheating

Does the M1300 Pro come with any additional accessories, such as a carrying case or extra brushes?

The package includes the M1300 Pro rotary polisher, a 7-inch backing plate, a wool hood, a detachable handle with hardware, and additional carbon brushes.

Where can I find replacement parts and accessories for this rotary polisher?

Replacement parts and accessories are typically available on www.maxshineusa.com or by contacting us directly.

What is the expected lifespan of this rotary polisher with regular use?

The expected lifespan varies, but with proper maintenance and care, it should last for several years of regular use.

Are there any recommended techniques or best practices for achieving the best results with this M1300 Pro rotary polisher?

Best practices include using appropriate pressure, keeping the pad flat, and working in overlapping passes to achieve even and consistent results.

Can the M1300 Pro be used on various surfaces other than automotive paint, such as metal or wood?

It can be used on other surfaces, but adjustments to speed, pad, and compound selection may be necessary based on the material.

How heavy is the M1300 Pro rotary polisher, and does it have any ergonomic features for comfortable use?

The M1300 Pro weighs 7.3lbs, and it is designed with ergonomics in mind to reduce user fatigue and discomfort during extended use.

1 year warranty MaxShine - Best detailing Polishers and Buffers

MaxShine Dual Action Polishers and Buffers Warranty:

Included in the purchase of a MaxShine Dual Action Polisher or Rotary Machine is a 1-year mechanical warranty, from purchase date. Exclusions include but are not limited to dismantled equipment, normal wear and tear, improper use and not following standard operational instructions.

MaxShine Guarantee

As of September 1st, 2023, MAXSHINE will maintain, repair or replace any defective tool, due to faulty materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the warranty. Subject to certain exclusions below. Receipts are required for all warranty claims. MaxShine does not cover shipping cost for repairs.

*To efficiently process a claim under warranty please keep a copy of the proof of purchase with the MaxShine product name, business name where purchased, and the purchase date.