Rotary Polisher Plates – 1″/2″/3″


The rotary polisher plates are fit to polish small or intricate targets, embracing soft rubber with one-piece molding, offering durability and flexibility while releasing heat builds during polishing.


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Rotary Polisher Plates For Small or Intricate Areas | 1"/2"/3" 

The rotary polisher plates are one-piece to absorb and reduce heat builds, standing up to the power and colossal throw from the polisher while allowing flexibility to polish small or intricate areas, resulting in high throughput of your work. Crafted from high-quality Polyurethane material, they are durable and perfect to work with heavy-duty rotary polishers.

Best Quality Polyurethane Constructed Rotary Polisher Plates 

The Polyurethane material is highly resistant to heat and pressure while flexible, which makes it perfect for a rotary polisher plate that turns in a single circular motion that generates more heat than a DA polisher. 

One-piece Molding With Soft Rubber Insertion And Edge 

The one-piece molding design with a foam insertion further enhances the strength and flexibility of the polisher plates, undertaking heavy-duty cutting or polishing tasks and resulting in a seamless job flow. While polishing, the soft edge offers smooth contouring on a painted surface safely without leaving any damage.  

High-quality Hook and Loop

Furthermore, the Hook and loop design allows a quick and firm attachment with a polishing pad. You can expect to use it more than 10,000 times. 

1″_2″_3″ Rotary Polisher Backing Plates


Common characteristics

Thread Size: 5/8", Material:  Polyurethane

Dimensions and weight

1”: 1.67(diameter) x 1.45(width) inch, 0.6oz

2”: 1.9(diameter) x 1.44(width) inch, 1.8oz

3": 2.9(diameter) x 1.46(width) inch, 2.7oz

backing plate
1 inch
backing plate
2 inch
backing plate
3 inch

Features and Benefits:

  • The Rotary Polisher Plates are used with wool, microfiber, or foam pad to improve the gloss finish.
  • Shaped by injection molding with rubber foam insertion, enhancing high elasticity and durability
  • Polyurethane material construction offers durability, flexibility, and heat resistance. 
  • A soft edge protects the painted surface
  • Suitable for high-speed polishing with good temperature resistance
  • High-quality hook & loop design provides more than 10000 times use

People Also Asked

Why do you need a one-piece body for rotary backing plates?

MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher Buffer Polisher

A rotary polisher performs heavy-cutting jobs with a single circular motion, giving more power and generating more heat than a DA polisher. Having a one-piece body of the backing plate offers durability, flexibility, and reliability for the rotary polisher.

Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 5.12 × 0.98 × 1.38 in
Size (inch)




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