Spray Bottle Hanger – 8 Bottles

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  • Our spray bottle hanger has 3 extended slots holding up to 8 spray bottles to free up bench space and prevent spills
  • Crafted from durable metal, this holder stands firm against wear and tear to ensure a long life of reliable service
  • High corrosion resistance means you can count on this holder to stay pristine, even in humid environments
  • Mounting hardware included makes setup a breeze – just a few minutes and you’re ready to go


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Trigger Bottle Holder

Spray Bottle Hanger
Space-Saving Convenience

This Spray Bottle Hanger lets you ditch the clutter and cracked bottles! Keeps up to 8 detailing sprays chemicals organized and within reach, thanks to 3 extended slots and a convenient wall-mounted design. Built with durable metal and installs in minutes, our trigger bottle holder is the clutter-conquering car care companion you need!

Spray Bottle Hanger

Features and Benefits

Holds Up to 8 Bottles

Streamline your space by organizing and mounting up to 8 spray bottles of different sizes. Eliminate the hassle of searching for the right detailing chemical. With this convenient wall-mounted spray bottle holder, your detailing arsenal will be well-organized and ready for use.

Trigger Bottle Holder 2

Better Storage Than a Simple Shelf

Simple shelves are a recipe for disaster. Our spray bottle holder transcends the limitations of basic storage by keeping your bottles safe from harm and readily accessible. Imagine a clutter-free zone where every bottle is identified at a glance and within arm's reach.

Trigger Bottle Holder 9

Save Essential Space and Valuable Time

Every car detailer knows the value of time and space. Maximize your workshop real estate and allow yourself to focus on what matters most – perfecting that dazzling shine. Don't waste time searching for lost bottles. Grab what you need, attack the grime, and witness the transformation.

Trigger Bottle Holder 5
Trigger Bottle Holder

Spray Bottle Hanger Advanced Features

Trigger Bottle Holder - Corrosion Resistance

Superior Corrosion Resistance

This durable metal, enhanced by its sleek black protective coating, effectively repels environmental degradation.
Trigger Bottle Holder - Slot Length

Versatile Slot Length

No more juggling bottles, the 5.5in slot makes this the one holder for all your sprays.
Trigger Bottle Holder - Mount

Mount in Minutes

Enjoy immediate use with this easily installable lightweight holder and included screws and wall anchors.
MaxShine Organizational Tools

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Spray Bottle Hanger

Brush and Trigger Bottle Holder

Spray Bottle Racks

Trigger Bottle Holder

Brush and Trigger Bottle Holder

H03H 32oz Spray Bottle Rack

# Bottles


6 + Brushes

16oz: 9
32oz: 9
34oz: 7

Slot Size


Bottle: 5.5in
Brush: 1in

16oz Bottle: 2.75 in
32oz Bottle: 3.35 in
34oz Bottle: 4.33 in
Hanger: 1.13 in

Dimensions & Weight

19.50(L) x 1.95(W) x 1.17(H) in, .93lbs

16.14(L) x 2.36(W) x 9.45(H) in, 3.88 lbs

16oz: 18.9(L) x 7.28(W) x 4.33(H) in, 2.87 lbs
32oz: 21.65(L) x 7.87(W) x 5.51(H) in, 3.92 lbs
34oz: 21.26(L) x 8.07(W) x 5.31(H) in, 4.84 lbs

*Installation hardware included.

Weight 0.93 lbs
Dimensions 19.50 × 1.95 × 1.17 in
Product Dimensions & Weight

19.50(L) x 1.95(W) x 1.17(H) in, 0.93lbs



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What is the Spray Bottle Hanger and what does it do?

The Spray Bottle Hanger is a product by MaxShine that can hold up to eight spray bottles. It is made of durable metal and has a black protective coating. The hanger includes mounting hardware and can be installed in minutes.

What are the benefits of using the Spray Bottle Hanger?

Save space: By storing your spray bottles in one place, you can free up valuable counter or cabinet space. Organize your cleaning supplies: The hanger keeps your spray bottles organized and easy to find. Prevent spills and leaks: The hanger stores your spray bottles upright, so they are less likely to spill or leak. Protect your surfaces: The hanger keeps your spray bottles off your countertops and cabinets, which can help to protect them from damage.

Can I use the Spray Bottle Hanger to store other items?

Yes, the Spray Bottle Hanger can be used to store a variety of other items, such as tools, cleaning supplies, or gardening supplies.

Is the Spray Bottle Hanger durable?

Yes, the Spray Bottle Hanger is made of durable metal and has a black protective coating, so it is resistant to rust and corrosion.

Is the Spray Bottle Hanger easy to install?

Yes, the Spray Bottle Hanger is very easy to install. It includes all the mounting hardware you need, and it can be installed in minutes.

Will the Spray Bottle Hanger fit my spray bottles?

The Spray Bottle Hanger has 3 extended slots that can hold bottles of different sizes. The slots are 5.5 inches long, so they can hold most standard spray bottles. However, it is always a good idea to measure your spray bottles before purchasing the hanger to ensure that they will fit.

How much weight can the Spray Bottle Hanger hold?

The Spray Bottle Hanger can hold up to eight spray bottles, or a total weight of 20 pounds.

What is the Spray Bottle Hanger made of?

The Spray Bottle Hanger is made of durable metal and has a black protective coating.

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