Spray Bottle Racks – 16oz, 32oz, 34oz

  • The different size spray bottle racks of 16oz, 32oz, or 34oz allow optimal organization of your workspace
  • Made of lightweight metal with anticorrosive coating, they excel in durability and longevity
  • Upgrade your garage, mobile detailing van, or any space to keep your detailing work flowing smoothly
  • Our compound holder quickly mounts to the wall with the included hardware 


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16oz, 32oz, or 34oz Bottle Car Detailing Compound Holder

Spray Bottle Racks
Durable, Rust-free, Long-Lasting

MaxShine Spray Bottle Racks stand above the rest. This detailing compound holder is an optimal organization solution for your 16oz, 32oz, or 34oz compounds, polishing, waxes and more. Mounting directly to the wall with the included screws keeps your business and detailing passions running efficiently. Upgrade your garage, mobile detailing van, or any space to keep detailing flowing smoothly.

Spray Bottle Racks

Features and Benefits

Neatly Organize 16oz, 32oz, or 34oz Bottles

These wall organizers hold various size bottles, fitting most of your detailing sprays while saving space and organizing your work area. Not just for detailing, these holders are perfect for spray cans, spray paint, lubricants and any other type of bottle.

Save Time Keeping All Your Detailing Chemicals Together 

You can quickly drill the spray bottle holder into your wall or on the interior of your mobile van. Access your favorite sprays and compounds everywhere you go. No more looking for misplaced detailing chemicals, now you can always find your sprays bottles.

Spray Bottle Racks

Durable Construction with Rust-Resistant Coating

This spray bottle holder is made of durable and lightweight metal and powder coated black. This coating prevents rust to increase longevity and give your workspace a stylish appearance.

Spray Bottle Racks
16oz, 32oz, 34oz

Spray Bottle Racks Advanced Features

Powder Coated Metal

Black powder coated sturdy metal combines durability, longevity, and style.
Spray Bottle Racks Protective Rubber Ring

Protective Rubber Ring

Keep your bottles safe from fine edges with the red rubber ring. They can be removed to fit slightly wider bottles.
Spray Bottle Racks Easy Installation

Easy Installation

The included wall anchors and screws provide secure mounting with simplicity.
Detailing Compound Holders

Compare Spray Bottle Racks




Spray Bottle Racks h03b

 H03H 32oz Spray Bottle Rack

MaxShine 34oz Bottle Holder with Spray Bottle Mounts H03EH_01


5 Bottle (2.75 in)


5 Bottle (3.35 in)
4 Hanger (1.13 in)

4 Bottle (4.33 in)
3 Hanger (1.13 in)

Dimensions & Weight

18.9(L) x 7.28(W) x 4.33(H) in, 2.87 lbs

21.65(L) x 7.87(W) x 5.51(H) in, 3.92 lbs

21.26(L) x 8.07(W) x 5.31(H) in, 4.84 lbs

*Not all brands have identical bottle dimensions for the same volume capacity. Verify other brand bottle dimensions will fit MaxShine Spray Bottle Racks.
**Installation hardware included.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Product Dimensions & Weight (16oz)

18.9(L) x 7.28(W) x 4.33(H) in, 2.87 lbs

Product Dimensions & Weight (32oz)

21.65(L) x 7.87(W) x 5.51(H) in, 3.92 lbs

Product Dimensions & Weight (34oz)

21.26(L) x 8.07(W) x 5.31(H) in, 4.84 lbs



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2 reviews for Spray Bottle Racks – 16oz, 32oz, 34oz

  1. Juan Hernandez


  2. Jose Ramirez

    just what i needed for my mobil car wash equipment thank you

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What is a spray bottle rack and what are its benefits?

A spray bottle rack is a storage solution that helps you organize and keep your spray bottles in one place. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a counter, and it comes in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs. Spray bottle racks can help you save space, reduce clutter, and make it easier to find the bottle you need.

What are the different types of spray bottle racks available?

There are many different types of spray bottle racks available, including wall-mounted racks, counter-top racks, and portable racks. Wall-mounted racks are a great option for saving space, while counter-top racks are more convenient for easy access. Portable racks are perfect for taking your cleaning supplies on the go.

What factors should I consider when choosing a spray bottle rack?

When choosing a spray bottle rack, consider the size and number of spray bottles you need to store, the available space in your home, and your budget. You should also consider the material of the rack, as some materials are more durable than others.

How do I install a spray bottle rack?

The installation process for a spray bottle rack will vary depending on the type of rack you choose. Wall-mounted racks typically require drilling holes into the wall, while counter-top racks and portable racks do not require any installation.

How do I clean and care for my spray bottle rack?

The cleaning process for a spray bottle rack will also vary depending on the material of the rack. Most racks can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution.

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