Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer

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  • Touchless drying prevents scratches, swirls, and water spots, and corrosion on engines and components
  • Powerful twin motors blast water away from surfaces, up to 80 times faster than traditional drying methods
  • Forces water from smaller areas such as around side mirror housings, filler caps, wheel spokes, calipers, and nut

*Wall mounts not included


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Car Dryer
Swirl-Free Touchless Drying

Meet the Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer, the ultimate car dryer boasting twin motors generating 8.5HP power. This powerhouse swiftly blasts water off surfaces, ensuring a quicker, scratch-free dry compared to traditional methods. With over 65,000 FPM at peak power, it offers rapid drying while maintaining safety for delicate areas. Its extensive 26ft hose ensures easy maneuverability and comprehensive coverage for cars, bikes, boats, and more. Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer delivers power, precision, and convenience for a flawless finish, 80% faster than standard methods.

Touchless Car Dryer

Features and Benefits

Scratch-Free Surface: Touchless Drying Advantage

The touchless method of this car dryer ensures a gentle, scratch-free drying experience, safeguarding your vehicle's paint from any potential damage caused by traditional drying techniques.

Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer

Unleashing Power: Twin Motors for Effortless Water Blasting

With the force of twin motors, with 8.5HP and 65,000FPM, this system swiftly and effectively removes water, leaving surfaces impeccably dry without the hassle of residual water spots or streaks. Select the speed and precision you need with the variable-speed adjustment knob.

Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer

Speed and Efficiency: 80x Faster Vehicle Drying

Revolutionizing the drying process, this method accelerates drying time exponentially, saving you precious time and effort compared to conventional methods.

Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer

Precision Drying: Perfect for Every Nook and Cranny

Its precision targeting capability and two interchangeable nozzles ensure thorough drying in even the tightest and most intricate areas of your vehicle, Efficiently dry engines and components, to protect against corrosion and moisture-related damage.

Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer

All-Finish Friendly: Safely Dry Paint, Glass, Wheels, and More

Versatility at its finest, this drying method is compatible with various surfaces, from delicate paint to rugged wheels, even vinyl-wrapped and satin finishes, ensuring comprehensive drying without any damage.

Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer
Car Blower

Touchless Car Dryer Advanced Features

Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer - Extended Reach

Extended Reach

Reach far around the car with the extra long 26ft hose and 19ft power cable.
Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer - Swivel Base & Quick-Lock Wheels

Swivel Base & Quick-Lock Wheels

Front pivot wheels supply easy movement while the safe lock system on the rear wheels provide stability.
Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer - Optional Wall Storage

Optional Wall Storage

Whether permanently hanging the car dryer on the wall or keeping it safe off the floor, the optional car dryer wall mounts* provide perfect organization.

*Wall mounts sold separately.

What's in the Box?

Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer
MaxShine Detailing Accessories

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Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer


8.5HP Double Motor

1.5HP Single Motor







Power Cord Length



Product Dimensions

14.25(L) x 11.5(W) x 7.5(H) in, 20 lbs

11.5(L) x 5.25(W) x 10.7(H) in, 4.68 lbs

Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer Wall Mounts

Frustrated with your car dryer hose constantly getting tangled? A Car Dryer Wall Mount bracket can transform your car drying experience. This space-saving solution keeps your dryer safely elevated off the ground, preventing damage and pesky hose tangles. Easily access your dryer whenever you need it, with no more wrestling with hoses on the floor. Wall mounts not only improve drying efficiency but can also add a touch of luxury to your garage or shop with their sleek, high-quality designs.

*Wall mounts sold separately.

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 18.25 × 14.75 × 12.75 in
Product Dimensions & Weight

14.25(L) x 11.5(W) x 7.5(H) in, 20 lbs


8.5HP via Double Motors



Air Flow


Air Speed Control


Power Cord Length


Hose Length




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What are the benefits of using a touchless car dryer?

Eliminates scratches and swirls caused by traditional drying methods. Prevents corrosion on engines and components by quickly removing water. Dries paint, glass, wheels, chrome, fabric convertible roofs, and vinyl wrapped and satin matte finishes safely. Significantly reduces drying time compared to towel drying.

Is this car dryer safe for all car finishes?

Yes, the touchless design and adjustable airspeed ensure safe drying on delicate paint, chrome, vinyl wraps, and even fabric convertible tops.

How much faster does this dryer work than traditional methods?

The Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer dries your car up to 80 times faster than using towels, saving you significant time and effort.

How powerful is the MaxShine car dryer?

This powerhouse boasts twin motors generating a combined 8.5HP of drying power.

How much air flow does the car dryer produce?

With an impressive 65,000 FPM (feet per minute) of air flow at peak power, it blasts water away effortlessly.

Does the car dryer have adjustable settings?

Yes, the variable speed control knob allows you to adjust the air flow for optimal drying on different surfaces and in tight areas.

What kind of nozzles come with the car dryer?

It comes with two interchangeable nozzles: a round narrow nozzle for precision drying and a wide rectangular nozzle for broader coverage.

How easy is it to maneuver the car dryer?

The swiveling wheelbase allows for smooth movement around your vehicle, while the 26ft hose provides exceptional reach.

How long is the car dryer power cord?

The 19ft power cable offers plenty of length for easy operation around most vehicles.

What's included in the car dryer box?

You'll receive the Double Motor Touchless Car Dryer with a 19ft power cable, a 26ft hose, and two nozzles (round and square).

Is there a wall mount available for storage?

While not included, a wall mount is available for separate purchase to conveniently store the dryer when not in use.

Is this car dryer suitable for drying motorcycles, boats, or other vehicles?

Absolutely! The powerful drying capabilities and long hose make it perfect for drying a variety of vehicles.

I have a delicate classic car. Is this car dryer safe to use?

The touchless design and variable speed control ensure safe drying for even the most delicate paint finishes

30 day warranty MaxShine - Best detailing products

MaxShine Detailing Dryer Warranty:

Included in the purchase of a MaxShine Mini Handheld Dryer is a 30-day comprehensive warranty, from purchase date. Exclusions include but are not limited to dismantled equipment, normal wear and tear, and not following standard operational instructions.

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