Water Spot Remover – 16oz

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  • This Water Spot Remover dissolves topical mineral and calcium deposit water spots in minutes
  • Simply apply, wait, and wipe – the thick, concentrated formula clings to surfaces for optimal results
  • Safe for use on coated car paint, wheels, chrome, as well as glass and more


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Remove Hard Water Stains

Water Spot Remover
Tackle Tough Water Spots Effortlessly

The Water Spot Remover is a powerful yet gentle formula that easily eliminates stubborn water spots on cars, windows, and household appliances. It dissolves topical mineral deposits, hard water stains, and residue, restoring surfaces to their original brilliance. It is safe to use on glass and painted surfaces, and is especially useful for wheels, chrome, and other exterior surfaces.

Water Spot Remover

Features and Benefits

Effortless Removal, Brilliant Shine

Water Spot Remover cuts through tough water spots on paint, glass, and fiberglass. Get a quick fix and restore surfaces to their original brilliance – no harsh scrubbing needed!

Water Spot Remover Before and After Results

Thick & Effective Formula

The thick, concentrated formula clings to surfaces, maximizing its effectiveness. It dissolves mineral and calcium deposits, leaving behind a brilliant shine on painted surfaces, glass, and even chrome.

Water Spot Remover Spraying onto Applicator

Agitation-Free Solution for Effortless Cleaning

Tough on water spots, the unique formula dissolves residue without requiring any harsh scrubbing or agitation. Simply apply the product, let it work its magic, and wipe away the stains for a quick and effortless clean.

Water Spot Remover Applying on Front Grill of Silver Car

How to Use
Water Spot Remover


MAxshine - Car Detailing Product made in the USA

Choose from a wide variety of MaxShine Microfiber Applicators to apply Water Spot Remover efficiently and effectively. With different shapes and sizes to choose from, you can find the best fit for your grip and application needs. 

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 9.94 × 3.5 × 2.31 in




Product Dimensions & Weight

2.36(L) x 3.5(W) x 9.94(H) in, 1.3 lbs

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6 reviews for Water Spot Remover – 16oz

  1. Jeff Colley

    Great products!! I will be ordering again!!

  2. John Carlson

    Excellent product. Tried everything else and did not work. This did the trick l

  3. Adrian Robles

    Tried every thing but this really works!

  4. David Townson

    Maxshine Water Spot Remover works great! Follow the easy instructions and your water spot problems are gone! Very satisfied!

  5. Cody Russell

    Arrived pretty quick and works really well, got done detailing and applied this after because of some water splotches took it right off. Thank you guys!

  6. Randy Cox

    2019 Hyundai got water spotted after its first was 2-1/2 years ago. Thanks to Maxshine and a few microfiber clothes, it isn’t water spotted anymore!

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What is MaxShine's Water Spot Remover?

MaxShine's Water Spot Remover is a specially formulated product designed to eliminate water spots and mineral deposits from various surfaces, including automotive paint, glass, coated rims, and chrome.

How does MaxShine's Water Spot Remover work?

MaxShine's Water Spot Remover utilizes powerful ingredients that dissolve and break down the minerals and contaminants found in water spots. It effectively lifts the deposits from the surface, making it easy to wipe them away.

Can MaxShine's Water Spot Remover be used on all surfaces?

MaxShine's Water Spot Remover is safe to use on a wide range of surfaces, including chrome, stainless steel, glass, and painted surfaces. However, it is always recommended to perform a spot test in an inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire surface.

How do I use MaxShine's Water Spot Remover?

First, ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and cool to the touch and in a shaded area. Apply a small amount of the Water Spot Remover to a microfiber cloth or applicator pad and gently rub the affected area in a circular motion. Allow the product to dwell for 30 second increments, and then wipe it off with a clean microfiber cloth. Finally, buff the surface to a shine.

Can MaxShine's Water Spot Remover remove stubborn water spots?

Yes, MaxShine's Water Spot Remover is effective at removing stubborn water spots. For more stubborn or severe cases, you may need to repeat the application or use a slightly more aggressive technique, such as light agitation with a soft brush or sponge, using a clay bar, or even polishing.

Is MaxShine's Water Spot Remover safe for clear coats and paint finishes?

Yes, MaxShine's Water Spot Remover is safe for use on clear coats and paint finishes. It is formulated to be gentle and non-abrasive, minimizing the risk of scratching or damaging the surface when used as directed.

Can MaxShine's Water Spot Remover be used on windows?

Absolutely! MaxShine's Water Spot Remover is an excellent choice for removing water spots from windows. It effectively eliminates the mineral deposits without leaving streaks or residue behind.

Does MaxShine's Water Spot Remover provide any protection to the surface?

While MaxShine's Water Spot Remover primarily focuses on removing water spots, it does not provide long-term protection. After using the Water Spot Remover, it is recommended to follow up with a suitable protective product, such as a wax or sealant, to maintain and enhance the surface's protection.

Can MaxShine's Water Spot Remover be used on other water-related stains?

Yes, MaxShine's Water Spot Remover can also be used to tackle other water-related stains, such as calcium deposits, mineral residue, and hard water stains. Its powerful formula helps dissolve and remove these stains effectively.

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