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Microfiber Wash Mitts


Maxshine Microfiber Wash Glove


Maxshine Microfiber Wash Pad – Black & White Color Mix


Maxshine Chenille Detailing Clay Mitt For Car – Chenille or Microfiber


Maxshine Microfiber Mitt Wash – Mixed Color Black & White


Maxshine Micro Chenille Wash Mitt – Green


Maxshine Plush Microfiber Gloves- 1 pair


Maxshine Microfiber Chenille Wash Pad


Maxshine Lambswool Wash Mitt – Premium


Maxshine Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt


Scrubbing Sponge for Car Wash – Interior Cleaning Pad 


Maxshine Microfiber Wash Mitt


Maxshine Super Sheepskin Wash Mitts


Maxshine Lambswool Wash Pad – 9″ Premium Plus


Maxshine Synthetic Wool Cleaning Pad


Maxshine Rubber Scrubbing Gloves


Maxshine wide selection of car detailing products offers you fast and easy cleaning or washing work. Particularly, Mitt wash is an effective and useful way to care for your car. We offer various types of Mitt wash products ranging from Chenille, Scrubbing Sponge, Lambswool, Microfiber, and Synthetic Wool. They are designed in different shapes for your convenience: Pad, Glove, and Hand Pocket.