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Graphene Ceramic Coating – 50ml


Water Spot Remover – 16oz


AIO Polish and Protect – 16oz, 32oz


Graphene-Max Ceramic Car Coating – 60ml


Clay Lube Spray – 16oz, 1gal


AIO Cleaner – 16oz, 1gal


Ultra Foaming Wash – 16oz, 1gal


Cut-Max Cutting Compound – 16oz


Graphene Detail Spray – 16oz


Shine-Max Polish – 16oz


FeX Iron Remover – 16oz


Tire Shine – 16oz


Wheel and Tire Cleaner – 16oz, 1gal


Speed Wax Spray – 16oz


AIO Conditioner – 16oz


Car Fabric Protector – 16oz


Maxshine chemical cleaners for cars have been designed and developed for the best results in cleaning, waxing, fabric cleaning, tire shining, car washing, window cleaning, paint defect removing, clay lubing, and protectant for your car. Our auto detailing chemicals are highly effective making your work simple and easy.

Chemicals are essential for all detailers in completing a full-service car wash. Soap for a hand car wash, cleaner for an interior car detail, conditioner for car seat cleaning, compound, and polish to pair with your polishers, car wax to protect your car detail, and the list goes on. MaxShine’s extensive list of chemicals helps mobile detailers when they’re on the go and those offering their car detail service in their detail shop.