Foaming Gun Starter Kit

Original price was: $87.97.Current price is: $64.98.
  • Get a thick foaming, gentle car wash without the pressure washer
  • Upgrade your basic bucket wash and reduce the chance of scratches and marring
  • Foam Gun easily connects to your standard garden hose extra, thick foam lubrication that gently loosens dirt
  • Ultra Foaming Wash’s perfected formula provides ample suds without wasting product
  • The drying towel’s quick and superior absorbency is due to the unique twisted loop construction

Clay Bar Kit

Original price was: $30.98.Current price is: $25.98.
  • Clay Bar Kit includes 3pcs 50g heavy grade Clay Bar and 16oz Clay Lube Spray
  • Professionally remove external surface contaminants such as overspray, factory fallout, tar, etc.
  • Clay Lube is specially designed for use with clay products to provide scratch-free decontamination

Microfiber Towel Packs – Super Saver

  • Microfiber Towel Packs – High quality microfiber specially crafted to endure the demands of car detailing while maintaining scratch-free surfaces
  • AIO Microfiber Pack – All-In-One set is composed of a variety of different GSM microfiber towels to get you started in every detailing process
  • Garage Essentials Pack – 380GSM microfiber towels are the most versatile in car detailing and this pack offers maximum functionality
  • Microfiber Drying Pack – Soft microfiber mesh waffle weave design has advanced absorption and swirl-free drying
  • Plush Buffing Pack – High GSM with high pile is ideal for leveling and buffing coating and waterless washes with its dirt-trapping capability

Best Car Carpet Cleaner | Carpet and Upholstery Power Cleaning Kit |

Original price was: $93.95.Current price is: $74.98.
  • Use your own power drill to speed up stain removal with the best car carpet cleaner
  • A foam pump sprayer provides an even layer of AIO Cleaner foam to maximize cleaning efficiency
  • Eliminate tough carpet stains quickly and easily with a set of coarse drill brushes
  • Select the soft leather drill brushes for tough stains on delicate materials
  • Reach small areas where a drill can’t fit with the drill extension piece

Best Car Polisher Combo Packs | M312, M8S V2, M15 Pro, M21 Pro, M0312 V2 Mini Cordless Polisher

  • Best car polisher for correcting large areas quickly has a long throw and large backing plate
  • Small panels and complex contours can be fine tuned with a small backing plate polisher
  • Easily restore fine details to pristine condition with a Mini Cordless Polisher

Polisher Foam Pads | High Pro Polishing Pads Pack |

  • Full set of polisher foam pads for heavy cutting, refined cutting, polishing, and finishing
  • High profile foam pads designed to eliminate scratches, swirl marks, and chemical oxidation
  • Professionally crafted featuring a center cut and tapered edge for proper heat dissipation
  • The pads’ optimized thickness provides seamless surface correction and safe contouring along curves
  • Compatible with rotary and dual action polishers equipped with hook and loop functionality

Car Interior Detailing Kit

Original price was: $72.93.Current price is: $48.98.
  • Revamp your car’s interior with our all-inclusive Car Interior Detailing Kit
  • Clean, condition, and protect all interior surfaces and materials
  • Variety of brushes to match the best bristles for the detailing job
  • Erase marks that microfiber towels cannot with the interior scrubbing sponge
  • Apply even layers of interior dressing and protectants with the proper applicator

Polishing Kit | 1-Step and 2-Step Paint Correction Kits |

  • Achieve a paint enhancement with sealant protection in one simple step
  • For a full paint correction complete multi-step passes with compound and polish
  • Proper foam pads included to provide ideal correction based on your needs
  • 380GSM microfiber towels safely remove compound and polish residue
  • Polishing kits compatible with 5in or 6in backing plate polishers


Polishing Pad Set | Polishing Pad Variety Packs – 3in, 5in, 6in |

  • Complete car polishing pad set includes heavy cutting, refined cutting, polishing, and finishing components
  • Wool cutting pads enable quicker paint cutting and swirl removal
  • Polishing and finishing foam pads complement the paint refining process

Car Polishing Kits – M312, M15 Pro, M21 Pro

  • Polish large areas quickly or easily maneuver complex contours with the proper polisher selection
  • Complete car polishing kit – heavy cutting, refined cutting, and polishing
  • Cut paint and remove swirls more quickly with the microfiber cutting pad
  • Cutting and polishing foam pads round out the paint refining process
  • Plush microfiber towels clean up compound nicely without creating more scratches

Rotary Tool Kit – Rotary Polisher Expansion Pack

Original price was: $118.99.Current price is: $94.98.
  • Rotary tool kit comprises of Mini Polishing System, Extension Shaft Set, and 2in Rotary Backing Plate and Pads Set
  • Wide-range compatibility with 5/8in thread rotary machines
  • Mini Polishing System enhances the most minute of details with its array of pad textures, shapes, and sizes
  • Extension Shaft Set is made of long-lasting rust resistant stainless steel and can be connected together to expand reach potential
  • A wool pad, foam cutting pad, foam polishing pad, foam finishing pad, and backing plate are included in the 2in Polishing Kit

Ceramic Coating Application Pack

Original price was: $25.98.Current price is: $22.98.

Detailing Brush Kits

  • Ergonomically designed non-slip handle for a comfortable grip

  • Perfect for narrow or tight spaces on both interiors and exteriors

  • Strong yet soft, densely packed bristles for deep cleaning

  • Works well dry or wet with your favorite cleaning solution

  • Constructed of anti-static materials for added safety

Detailing Bag | M8S V2 Polisher with Tool Bag |

Original price was: $169.98.Current price is: $152.98.
  • Store your dual action polisher safely with the durable 1680D Oxford fabric detailing bag
  • Easily carry your M8S V2 where ever you need
  • Lightweight polisher makes for effortless travel when detailing out in the field
  • M8S V2 is a dual action polisher with an 8mm throw, 5in backing plate, with a 1000W motor
  • Ideal for beginners, its design is also suited for boat detailing

Mobile Rig & Garage Storage Bundles

  • Specifically designed for detailing tools
  • Optimizes workspace and reduces clutter
  • Minimizes risk of damage to detailing supplies

MaxShine Mobile Rig & Garage Storage Bundles are the perfect way to keep your car detailing supplies organized and easy to find. Having everything you need in one place means you won’t have to waste time searching for your detailing tools and the sleek design keeps your space looking stylish.

MaxShine Grab and Go Car Care Kits

  • Get a thorough wash and quick protection with the Wash Bundle
  • The Wheel & Tire Bundle degreases, decontaminates, and adds a lustrous sheen
  • Achieve maximum shine with the all-encompassing Paint Correct Bundle


Whether choosing products by process or selecting the whole array, MaxShine’s Grab and Go Car Care Kits provide the proper detailing chemicals to accomplish any cleaning or correcting project.

MaxShine Car Wash Bucket Kits


Take the thinking out of detailing with MaxShine’s Car Wash Bucket Kits. Tailor-made for every kind of car wash detail, these bucket kits get you on your way quickly. Whether you want the basics, a thorough detail, or the works, these essential car wash bucket kits have what you need.

Good – Everything you need for a Good and complete wash in one easy kit

Better – Get every spot and into every crevice to enhance your wash into a Better detail

Best – Amp up your detailing prowess and make it the Best of the bunch

Wall Holder For Polishers – Mini

  • This Polisher Wall Holder has a universal fit for any size polisher
  • Space-saving and tidy, it organizes your car polishing machines while hiding cords
  • This holder is built tough from durable metal with anti-corrosion coating for lasting use
  • Easy wall-mounted setup with included screws, completed in minutes

MaxShine M15 Pro & M8S V2 – Companion Pack | Car Paint Correction

Original price was: $78.94.Current price is: $69.99.

The M15 Pro & M8S V2 Companion Pack, perfect for 5in polishers, has everything you need to get started correcting paint. The included AIO Polish allows for a one-step paint enhancement while the set of pads provides the option for a full multistep paint correction.


Auto Detail Polisher | M8S V2 Bundle |

Original price was: $205.93.Current price is: $195.63.
  • An introductory car polishing bundle with an auto detail polisher, pads, polish, and microfiber towels 
  • Beginner-friendly 5in dual action polisher
  • Full set of quality foam pads for any correction need
  • All in One Polish with sealant incorporated to remove swirls while adding protection
  • High-quality, scratch-free microfiber towels for convenient cleanup

Wheel Cleaning & Coating Bundle

Original price was: $277.97.Current price is: $269.98.

Wheel Stand Tire Roller: By removing the wheels from the vehicle and placing them on the durable and easy-to-roll rail system, you can reduce strain on your body and place the wheel at any comfortable level to ensure simple and effective detailing evenly across the surface.

Graphene Ceramic Coating Kit has everything you need for optimal protection on your vehicle and proper application in one kit!

Low Pressure Foam Cannon Wash Bundle

Original price was: $83.96.Current price is: $68.98.

The low pressure foam cannon with a bundle, a package solution, turns any car wash into a foam-covered authentic detail. The Foam Cannon attaches to everyday garden hoses, upgrading your bucket wash to a foam-filled flurry. Get the perfect foam with Ultra Foaming Wash, and round out the package with an Ultra Soft Microfiber Wash Mitt and Single Twisted Loop Drying Towel.

Foam Washer For Car | High Pressure Washer Foaming Starter Kit | 


This Foam Washer For Car is a car detailing pressure washer kit for those looking for auto detailing but don’t know where to start. The pressure washer starter kit puts you on the right path. 

Beginners, enthusiasts, and experienced detailers can all benefit from MaxShine’s Pressure Washer Foaming Kits, providing a start car detailing process. 

Maxshine Car Wax Applicator

Original price was: $34.98.Current price is: $24.99.

Our high-grade Carnauba Paste Wax will bring the painting back to life while adding a hydrophobic layer.

Apply by hand or with a DA polisher for the best result. Protect your vehicle from water spots, oxidation, and UV rays.

Maxshine’s Finger Pocket Foam Wax Applicator is extremely absorbent and can collect dust and particles with ease into the scientifically constructed holes throughout the surface to prevent damage to the paint.

Car Wash Product | Snow Master Kit | Foam Cannon With A Foam Wash 


The car wash product includes a foam cannon and foam wash as a kit, bringing you the essentials in ultimate car care.

The Snow Master Kit provides an easy way for your car washing experience. 

Products Included:

SMFC002:Snow Master Foam Cannon – 1

MFOZ16:Ultra Foaming Wash 16oz – 1