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MaxShine All In One Cleaner AIO Exterior Interior Car Cleaner

Interior Car Cleaner | AIO Cleaner – 16oz, 1gal |

  • Interior car cleaner is versatile for cleaning various surfaces, including paint, metal, glass, chrome, vinyl, leather, plastic, and upholstery
  • All-In-One Cleaning solution for quickly removing dirt, grease, and stains without needing other cleaning products
  • AIO cleaner can be diluted with water for lighter cleaning and detailing jobs
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Car Leather Conditioner | AIO Conditioner – 16oz |

  • Use it on leather, plastics, rubber, and vinyl for a clean and protected look
  • Powerful blockers shield surfaces from harmful UV rays, preventing fading and discoloration
  • Deeply penetrates interior and exterior materials to restore and revitalize their appearance
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Car Fabric Protector – 16oz

This car fabric protector repels stains, preventing them from seeping into the fabric. You can apply it on car seats, floor mats, carpets, shoes, carpeting, and furniture without altering their appearance or texture. MaxShine Car Fabric Spray Protector offers invisible protection and ensures your belongings look their best, no matter the circumstances. It removes hard stains from liquid content by spraying and cleaning it. 
  • Create a hydrophobic barrier to keep stains away
  • Ready to use formula coats and bonds to individual fibers
  • Works on automotive and household fabrics
  • It removes stains from liquid contents.
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MaxShine Car Glass Cleaner

MaxShine Car Glass Cleaner

  • Streak-free, Residue-free, and ammonia-free
  • Removes grease, grime, fingerprints, haze, and more
  • Safe on factory and aftermarket tinting
Our specially crafted solution is suitable for all types of surfaces, including windows, glass, tinted windows, and other surfaces that require a pristine appearance. This powerful cleaner, formulated without ammonia, ensures the safety of both OEM and aftermarket tints. With our streak-free formula, cleaning becomes effortless and efficient, providing you with a quick and simple cleaning experience.
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