open-box Detailing products

MaxShine Open-Box

Score like-new Maxshine detailing gear at unbelievable prices! Our Open-Box selection features top-notch products, meticulously inspected for function, not perfection.

open-box Detailing products

Why Open-Box Products?

  • Substantial savings for a fully functional product.
  • Thoroughly tested by MaxShine experts
  • The same high quality as new MaxShine products
  • Standard MaxShine manufacturer warranty guaranteed.

Open-Box Process

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Open-Box Products

Must Common Questions you may have

What is an open-box MaxShine product?

An open-box MaxShine product is one that has been returned by a customer, often in like-new condition. These products may have been opened, used briefly, or have slightly damaged packaging.

Why are open-box Maxshine products cheaper?

Open-box products are significantly cheaper than new ones due to their return or slightly damaged packaging. 

Where can I buy open-box MaxShine products?

You can find open-box MaxShine products only on the MaxShine website:

Are open-box MaxShine products damaged?

Open-Box MaxShine products are not damaged. Many are in excellent or good condition with only minor cosmetic imperfections.

What kind of cosmetic imperfections might an open-box MaxShine product have?

These may include minor scratches, scuffs, or marks on the exterior of the product or packaging. They should not affect the functionality of the product.

Will all the accessories and manuals be included with an open-box MaxShine product?

All  Open-Box MaxShine products will come with all the original accessories and manuals. However, it's always a good idea to check the product description carefully to ensure everything is included.

What if something is missing from my open-box purchase?

If you are missing an item from your open-box purchase, contact us. We'll be able to help you track down the missing item and send it to you.

Do open-box MaxShine products come with a warranty?

Yes, MaxShine open-boxes products come with a standard warranty, although it may be slightly shorter than the warranty for a new product. 

What is covered under the warranty for an open-box MaxShine product?

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions, but not cosmetic imperfections or damage caused by misuse.

What is the return policy for open-box Maxshine products on the MaxShine website?

MaxShine offers a 30-day return policy for open-box products, as long as they are returned in the original packaging and in the same condition they were received.

Are open-box MaxShine products safe to buy?

Yes, open-box MaxShine products are safe to buy as long as you purchase them from our official web site