MaxShine is All For Car Detailing – The best car detailing brand ready to serve you

MaxShine is a brand solely focusing on car detailing, serving consumers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professional detailers globally, bringing the total car care products and services with quality, convenience, and professional methodology.

We care about the ecology of the human living environment.    A concise brand presentation summary is exhibited in the image below.

Maxshine brand - infographic

MaxShine brings turnkey solutions for car detailing

MaxShine heavily invests time and effort in creating user-friendly, quality, and affordable products loved by consumers throughout the globe; the product portfolio consists of:

  • Polishing machines
  • Polishers associated products
  • Chemical compounds
  • Detailing tools
  • Washing mitts and applicators
  • Towels
  • Brushes
  • Storage and Organizers

MaxShine polishing machines | The State-of-the-art, Reliable, Efficient

MaxShine manufactures world-class professional polishing machines consisting of dual action, rotary, and cordless, available on various channels, including MaxShine’s website, gaining a reputation in the car care industry thanks to the quality construction of the products, user-friendly ergonomic design, and dedicated customer services.

Rotary Polishers

Maxshine currently offers M550 and M1000 rotary polishers in the USA, EU, and Asia, which provide greater power and extensive coverage for car paint corrections than dual-action polishers.


Maxshine rotary polisher - M1000


Dual Action Polishers

Multiple advantages of dual action polishers contribute to the popularity of car detailing as they provide dual motions, resulting in lesser heat and better manageability than rotary polishers. Maxshine offers a complete DA polisher: 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 21mm throw ranges, satisfying every detailer’s needs.

Maxshine Dual Action Polisher M8S V2

M8S V2

Cordless Polishers

The new M0312 V2, the enhanced version of its predecessor version 1, excels in efficient battery use and charge, six(6) variable speed controls, a display window for available battery and speed, and the significant 2.11 LBS lightweight. The cordless polisher works as a rotary or dual-action polisher by exchanging the adaptor module.

MaxShine M0312 V2 Mini Cordless Polisher-01

M0312 V2


Mini Polishing System

A unique rotary polishing system aims at detailing targeted and shaped areas such as headlamps, brake lights, and interior dashboards. The polishing system relies on other rotary polishers to get the turning action.

Maxshine Mini Polishing System

Mini Polishing System

Polisher Associated Products | MaxShine carries all necessary parts.

MaxShine offers an array of cutting-edge DA, Rotary, Cordless, and Mini Polishing Systems. In addition, it offers you a range of accessories tailored to these polishers, including plates, pads, extension shafts, and other essentials, all designed to enhance your car detailing experience.

Polisher Associated Categories

Product Examples

Backing Plates

A backing plate acts as an interface between a polisher and a polishing pad, which cannot be connected directly to the polisher, categorized by polishers and their supported form factors.

Maxshine Rotary Polisher Backing Plate

     5″ Rotary Backing Plate

Polisher Pads

The pads work directly on the car surfaces for cutting, polishing, and waxing, requiring different materials, sizes, and construction engineering to meet specific applications. Material adoption characterizes the polishing pad, ranging from microfiber, wool, foam, and denim.

Maxshine Polishing Pads

    Foam Pad

Extension Shaft

The extension shaft connects to a rotary polisher to reach a tight area and helps to polish shaped surfaces such as side mirrors, bumpers, and emblems without damaging paintwork. MaxShine provides extension shafts for rotary and cordless polishers.

MaxShine Extension Shafts

Rotary Extension Shaft

MaxShine Chemical Compounds | Proud to make them in the USA.

Chemical compounds in car detailing assist in washing, polishing, and waxing, amongst many other processes, which are vital to assisting in removing scratches, road grime, and water spots and washing the exterior and interior of a car. MaxShine proudly manufactures all chemical compounds in the USA to serve its customers promptly.

Chemical Sub Categories

Product Examples

Washing Compounds

Washing compounds helps to clean the surfaces quickly and thoroughly, resulting in the super shine of cars.
Either they provide a combination of washing and conditioning to bring the original shine back, or they specifically address cleaning tires, wheels, glass, and fabric.

Maxshine car cleaner - Ultra foam washing

Ultra Foaming Wash

Polishing Compounds

Polishing compounds help to shine and enrich the surface with multiple types of polishing compounds available made for specific applications:

  • Polish and Protect
  • Used as finish compound in car detailing processes
  • Resulting in extreme shine
  • Metal Polish
Maxshine AIO Polish & Protect

AIO Polish & Protect

Coating and Waxing Compounds

The coating or waxing chemicals use varying ingredients: graphene, carnauba, ceramic, or synthetic polymers, which are characterized by the concentration of the ingredients. The final goal of the compounds is to make the surface shiny longer and easier to wash and extend the lifespan of car surfaces.

MaxShine Graphene Ceramic Coating

Graphene Ceramic Coating

Wheel and Tire Compounds

Wheels and tires are the most critical exterior car parts, requiring care, especially tires that get worn fast by exposure to strong sunlight. The Tire Shine and Nourishing formula is perfect to serve the longevity and safety of the tires.

Maxshine Tire Shine

Tire Shine

Waterless Wash

Waterless Wash is a formula designed for eco-friendly without using water to clean or wax a car, which brings convenience for homes and offices and business opportunities for mobile detailers.

Maxshine waterless wash

Waterless Wash

Fabric Protectant

Fabric protectant works as a multipurpose cleaner for interiors such as car seats, carpets, and any fabrics for removing and preventing stains from coffee, soda, and other liquid spills.

Maxshine Fabric Protectant

Fabric Protectant

Washing Mitts and Applicators | Maximize your convenience.

Wash mitts and applicators offer a convenient way to clean and polish targeted areas manually. MaxShine supplies over 40 wash mitts and applicators built with multiple materials and shapes. Noticeably glove-shaped washing mitts maximize convenience by wearing and cleaning or polishing targeted car surfaces, carefully designed and made for great detail.



Microfiber mitt car wash

Microfiber Mitt Car Wash

Waxing & Drying, Coating, and Polish Removal Towels | Scratch Free, Ultra-soft

The towel is essential in car washing, drying, polishing, and coating with its own characteristics and is made of different materials to meet a specific need. The most critical factor about using towels is that they are scratch-free; therefore, Maxshine carefully has selected materials based on specific applications.

Sub Categories of towels

Product Examples

Washing and drying Towels

One of the best towels is the 1200 GSM Towel, a soft, highly absorbent, scratch-free, and lint-free; furthermore, it is large enough to expedite the cleaning process.

Maxshine 1200 gsm towels

1200 GSM Towels

Coating Towels

A ceramic or graphene coating compound requires a specific towel for extreme detailing tasks, exemplified by the Suede, Ultra-soft 800 GSM, or the higher GSM towels.

Maxshine Suede Microfiber Towel

Suede Towels

Polish Removal Towels

After polishing surfaces, a soft and absorbent towel is applied to remove polishing remains on car surfaces. MaxShine Microfiber towels between 330GSM and 380GSM serve this particular polish removal job.

MaxShine 380GSM Edgeless Polish Microfiber Towel 10204060B-SET 3

380GSM Edgeless

Brushes for cleaning wheels & tires, small areas, and interior detailing

It’s often difficult to clean shaped areas and narrow openings, especially air conditioning outlets and dashboards with accumulated dirt, which need a special brush for cleaning. MaxShine’s brushes perfectly match cleaning those hard-to-reach areas while enabling you to clean tires and wheels, engines, carpets, and other interiors with varying brush shapes and material constructions.

Sub Categories of brushes

Product Examples

Wheels and Tires

Long and durable bristles are perfect for cleaning wheels and tires; they work well with chemical compounds with length, head design, and angle shapes to reach deep inside the wheels.

MaxShine Wheel and Rim Brush

Wheel Brush

The engine cleaning brushes

The engine bay can easily collect oils and dirt, which are difficult to clean, requiring specific brushes made of the correct material.


Maxshine Exterior Brush Kit including engine bay brush

Engine & Exterior Brush Kit

Interior cleaning brushes

Interior brushes must be soft and free from scratches. MaxShine offers various types of brushes with material made of boar hair, lamb wool, and others to provide softness, durability, and water or chemical resistance while satisfying ergonomic design.

MaxShine Ultrasoft Brush for car interior

Ultra Soft Interior Brush

Carpet cleaning brushes

Carpets often harbor pet hair, dirt, and contaminants that are hard to remove. The innovative and affordable brushes from Maxshine effortlessly remove those objects from carpets.


MaxShine pet hair brushes

Pet Hair Removal Brushes

What makes Maxshine an expert in car detailing brushes?

Maxshine has long years of experience in the research and development of creating a range of brushes, utilizing its material technology expertise, tailored for various applications, encompassing interior and exterior detailing.

Storage and Organizers | Saving spaces, efficiently managing tools

MaxShine storage and organizers are made of durable material, anti-corrosive, and created with a detailed design for specifically organizing detailing tools, bringing your shop or garage to the next level. The storage and organizers make your busy place look neat and organized while saving you time to look for your tools. MaxShine contributes with reliable, quality, and various organizational tools for brushes, polishers, cleaning compounds, and other detailing products.
MaxShine Storage and Organization - Brush and Bottle Holder

Brush and Bottle Holder

MaxShine Features Quality Car Care

MaxShine’s number one goal is to satisfy its customers through quality products, responsible customer service, and continuous efforts in research and development to help consumers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professional detailers.

Long Service Life

Thanks to the quality material construction and high-quality control standards, all MaxShine products provide longevity. MaxShine always creates complementary products to extend the product lifespan, which is significant to you and us. The polisher pads are consumable with a single use, for which we bring a complementary product to clean and condition the polisher pads for reuse, saving the environment and cost.
Foam Pad Conditioning Brush
MaxShine Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

Quality construction contributes 100% to customer satisfaction

The best material construction of a product and our system to control quality contributes to zero defect rate and high consumer satisfaction, standing out MaxShine from other brands in the industry. MaxShine evaluates from the early stage of research and development for a product, production, and customer feedback for improvements.

Professional detailing by processes

What makes MaxShine unique is it associates professional detailing products with each process that typically consists of Washing, Correction, and Protection, representing an entire car detailing for renewing a vehicle.

Washing Process

Car washing involves tires, wheels, engines, bodies, windows and mirrors, and the interior. MaxShine proudly supports all types of washing processes through its professional tools, compounds, and accessories, bringing the best results

Types of washing

Associated professional detailing tools

Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires are critical parts of a car, which need exceptional care with details. Caring for tires involves thorough washing and nourishing the tire surfaces by creating a layer to protect them from UV sunlight for longevity. Wheels get road grime, dirt, and other contaminants, which usually oxidize them, resulting in rust. MaxShine helps to clean and protect them with professional compounds and tools.
The engine and its bay accumulate grease with dirt, which makes it difficult to remove them, using a special brush with the AIO (All-In-One) cleaner assists you in removing them easily.


Wheel and Tire Washing Process - MaxShine

Wheel and Tire Washing Process


Body Washing

Body washing is a fun process if the right tools and compounds are applied. MaxShine offers a variety of professional compounds, tools, and accessories to help seamlessly car wash.


Washing Body Process- MaxShine

Washing Body Process


Interior Washing

Interior detailing involves cleaning seats, carpets, dashboards, and small hard-to-reach areas. The seats are made of different materials, requiring the use of the correct compounds on them with the right tools.

Professional Interior Washing Process - MaxShine

Interior Washing Process

Correction Process

The car correction process includes preparation, polishing, finishing, and then protection.

Preparation Step:

The prep step requires clay lube spraying before forwarding to clay barring, ensuring the car surfaces are lubricated. After spraying clay lube onto a clay bar and wiping with the clay bar remove contaminants such as grime, tars, and oversprays professionally.

Polishing and Buffing Step:

The polishing step involves removing any heavy or deep swirl marks, and it requires a polisher with a cutting pad and a cutting compound that works with the process; using a polisher is essential to the polishing process, and rotary polisher cuts quickly compared to a dual action polisher, but it requires skillset, not damaging the paint. Upon completion of the cutting, a polishing pad and compound are used to refine the surface with an exuberant shine.

Watch the Polishing and Buffing Step Video:

Protection Step:

The last step in the correction process is protection. There are a few options to protect the corrected car surfaces with chemical compounds such as Graphene Ceramic Coating, Carnauba Wax, Wild Cherry Wax Spray Wax, and Mist Enhance, which are all available in the MaxShine catalog. Use them with microfiber towels above the 330GSM for the best result.

The detailing tools | We deeply care about you!

MaxShine is fully committed to car detailing and always thinks about your needs, resulting in heavy investments in the reach and development of new and efficient ways to help your car detailing efforts, ultimately benefiting the consumers and partners. Here are just two examples of how we seamlessly research and make them available for you:

Detail Tools that we help you


Paint swirl finder light

This tool helps to find any paint imperfections and scratches with uniquely designed lighting ability, clearly identifying the paint imperfections on car surfaces.


MaxShine Swirl Finder Light

Swirl Finder Light

Car Wash Dryer – Handheld

This Dryer helps to dry painted car surfaces without leaving scratches by using a towel or any fabrics, as it comes with great details such as filtered air with the nozzle, a 20-foot cord for mobility, and two(2) types of nozzles for focused air blowing into the target area.


Air dryer

MaxShine cares about eco-friendly products

We care about our living environment and deeply understand critical matters associated with our products. Most of MaxShine’s electrical products are at least 60% recyclable.
Here are some environmentally friendly products:

  • Finish foam pads
  • Washable and reusable towels and applicator pads
  • Waterless wash compound
  • pH neutral ingredients used in some of our chemical compounds

Other aspects of eco-friendliness

Quality products make customers happy and offer longevity; the longer the service life, the better for the environment. One example is the MaxShine Mini Cordless Polisher, which provides 35 to 45 minutes of operation time thanks to the energy-efficient components in the unit.

MaxShine contributes convenience to car detailing. 

MaxShine brings convenience to customers with efficiency, various tools to meet specific needs, different shapes and sizes for detailing target areas, and a complete line of products.

Cordless Polishers

The cordless polishers resolve many issues when detailing a distanced area from the power source and interior detailing. No wire means convenience and efficiency.

High water absorbent washing mitts and towels

When washing a car, it helps to finish cleaning one side of the car in a single run of a soapy mitt. Some of our towels are large and highly absorbent to dry an entire car with just one towel.

Various sizes and shapes of Brushes, Polishing Pads, and Applicators

It could be challenging to clean shaped areas and small spots of a car, particularly car wheels that have sharp shapes, tight areas, and open spaces that are hard to reach. The air ventilation, dashboards, and drawers are also hard to reach and clean. In order to clean them, one needs different tools in size, shape, and material. MaxShine is ready to serve with brushes, pads, and applicators for these car detailing needs.

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