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Car maintenance is a vital scheduled task for vehicle owners, whether car enthusiasts, hobbyists, or consumers concerned about daily driving. Maxshine is a brand that might be unfamiliar to you; however, it provides a wide array of detailing products essential to your car maintenance and stands out by offering quality products with unmatched customer service. You should consider several actionable items for your scheduled maintenance. 

car maintenance opportunities with MaxShine

Exterior Car Washing 

The exterior car washing should be a fun task, especially under sunny. Try to fill water in a half bucket and put some foam wash for the best cleaning results. You can use a foam cannon filled with mixed water and foam wash or a washing mitt soaked in the bucket. Once the car washing is completed, use a soft microfiber towel to dry the surface. You may use various waxing formulas; however, we recommend using a waxing formula that works as a UV blocker, preventing cracks and discoloration.  

Wheel and Tire Care

We know you pay special attention to care wheels and tires closely related to safe driving. The first step of caring for wheels and tires is washing them before applying tire shine compounds. Consider using a foam cannon, brush, or applicator with a bucket of water and foam wash chemical compound for effective cleaning. 

  • General cleaning: Put foam wash compound in a bucket with half-filled water. 
  • Use a foam cannon or a wash mitt using the water in the bucket to wash the wheels and tires.  
  • Use a tire and wheel brush when cleaning tight and shaped areas.
  • After washing them, let them dry. 
  • Spray tire shine compound for UV and aging protection. 
car maintenance with Maxshine Detailing - wheel and tire care


Removing contaminants and road grim deposited over time

When you have deposits of contaminant on wheels and tires or brakes, use wheels and tires cleaner, which will break them down and let you clean them up effortlessly with the directions below:  

car maintenance opportunities with MaxShine

You can also remove the old and unclean-looking tire browning from the oxidation with the cleaner.

Removing the iron on the wheels 

The iron or other harmful particles deposited on wheels and brakes are stubborn to remove embedded over time. You may consider selecting a specific formula to remove those iron particles on your wheels or brakes. Follow the removing contaminant section above, then do the general cleaning procedure.   car maintenance opportunities with MaxShine

Headlight restoration 

Headlight covers get smudges as the car ages, making light dim at night. If you have a buffing machine, try a headlight restoration kit that contains a cleaner, towel, polishing pad, and buffing formula. 

Foggy Lights, before paint correction

Foggy Lights, before paint correction

Light restoration after foggy lights

Light restoration after foggy lights

Interior Care

Car interior care often makes it hard for you when it comes to detailing since there are many intricate and hard-to-reach areas you cannot clean without a proper tool. Additionally, the car interior consists of a fabric or leather seat, carpet, and dashboard with many small objects such as radio buttons, air conditioner ventilation, and other control buttons. Here are breakdowns by interior parts and how you use the tools properly to clean them.

Car seat

The material of car seats has several variations based on fabric or leather. For instance, a car seat made of polyester, a synthetic fabric, we will categorize it as a fabric seat. The fabric or leather seats are vulnerable to UV rays, causing discoloration or cracks without proper scheduled car maintenance. 

How to maintain fabric seats?
Use a fabric cleaner formulated with a protectant, blocking harmful UV rays from the seat. 

  • Spray the fabric cleaner to the car seat.
  • Use a microfiber towel or applicator to wipe off.
  • Consider using a brush to remove stubborn stains. 
  • Try the process every three months or as you need it. 
MaxShine Fabric Protectant Car Fabric Protector

The fabric cleaner with the protectant property also helps remove stains remaining on the seat. Follow the above steps to remove the stains and thoroughly clean the spot. The cleaner also provides repellent property from future possible spills.

How to maintain a leather seat?
Use a formula that cleans and conditions the car’s leather seats. Spray the leather cleaner over to the seat surface and gently rub it with a microfiber towel, removing dirt and contaminants and conditioning for longevity.  car maintenance opportunities with MaxShine

Caring carpet

Pet hairs and coffee spills often accumulate on the carpet, and they make some work to clean them. Without using proper tools, it takes more time and effort since those unwanted objects are not easy to remove from the carpet. 

Removing pet hairs

Manually removing pet hairs is not easy. Try a pet hair remover tool that picks up the hairs using electromagnetic field buildup. For removing coffee spills and other stains, use fabric cleaner with the protectant mentioned above.     car maintenance opportunities with MaxShine - pet hair remover


Detailing the dashboard is most difficult since dirt and contaminants accumulate in tight sections such as air vents, small buttons, and other hidden spaces. You will need detailing a swab, soft brushes, a microfiber towel, and an interior cleaning compound, depending on the target cleaning areas.   

Using professional services 

If you perform regular car maintenance, you may not need a professional service; however, it becomes necessary to have a professional service for polishing and waxing, especially when you need paint correction: cutting, polishing, and finishing jobs. 


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