Low Pressure Foam Cannon Wash Bundle

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The low pressure foam cannon with a bundle, a package solution, turns any car wash into a foam-covered authentic detail. The Foam Cannon attaches to everyday garden hoses, upgrading your bucket wash to a foam-filled flurry. Get the perfect foam with Ultra Foaming Wash, and round out the package with an Ultra Soft Microfiber Wash Mitt and Single Twisted Loop Drying Towel.

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Pressure Washing Bundle

Low Pressure Foam Cannon With Wash Bundle

The Low Pressure Foam Cannon, a pressure washing bundle packages a foam wash, ultra-soft microfiber wash mitt, and single twisted loop drying towel. The foam cannon mixes foam soap, air, and running water to create exceptionally foamy suds. Attach to a garden hose and remove abrasive dirt particles that can leave scratches and swirls. Turn any car wash into a foam-covered authentic detail.

Features and Benefits:

  • Connects to Standard Garden Hose
  • No Pressure Washer Required
  • Removes Abrasive Dirt Safely and Efficiently
  • High-Quality Brass Connector for Durable Connection to Hose
Low Pressure Car Washing Foam Gun

Details of the item in the package:

Product Low Pressure Foam CannonUltra-Plush Microfiber Car Wash MittUltra Foaming Wash 16ozSingle-Sided Twisted Loop Drying Towel 600GSM 24×36″
 Product ImageMaxShine Low pressure foam cannon foam gun-main

microfiber wash mitts

MaxShine Ultra Foaming Wash Foam Cleanser

MaxShine 600GSM Purple Single Twisted Loop Drying Towel Car Care Towel

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Ultra-Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt

Maxshine’s Ultra-Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt is our softest wash mitt to date! The improved design lubricates the surface, so you won’t induce unwanted scratches and swirls into your paint while washing. Use your favorite soap and easily wash any vehicle to remove dirt and road grime. 

Ultra Foam Wash

Ultra Foam Wash is designed for your foam gun or cannon, providing the perfect amount of foam to give you the perfect wash. Using a blend of advanced cleaners and polymers, Ultra Foam Cleaner uses a cutting-edge PH-neutral formula that protects your paint while removing dirt and other contaminants. Ultra Foam Cleaner provides a pH-neutral formula, offering your vehicle a thorough wash without stripping any existing waxes or sealants.

600GSM Purple Single Twisted Loop Drying Towel 

Offering the highest level of shine with any heavy task, the Maxshine 600GSM Purple Single Twisted Loop Drying Towel is the perfect alternative to its counterpart, the Duo Twisted Drying Towel.


The low-pressure washing bundle elevates your convenience and maximizes the efficiency of car washing at your shop or home.  The one-stop click to purchase all necessary tools ensures you an all-in-one packaged bundle solution. 

Low Pressure Car Washing Foam Gun


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