Your Best Cordless Buffer | Super Lightweight 2.11 LBS, Works as DA and Rotary Polisher

The Cordless buffer, M0312 Version Two(2), outshines its predecessor, M0312 Version One (1), and maximizes user convenience and mobility with the optimized charging and usage of batteries, which are critical parts for the cordless buffer. Moreover, we enhanced balanced torque, low vibration, and better user interface. The industry recognized the Maxshine mini cordless polisher thanks to those improvements.

cordless buffer - maxshine M0312V2

Why cordless buffer for your car detailing?

Cordless polishers innovate your car detailing, offering multiple advantages that embrace the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike. The main benefit of the cordless polisher is that it frees constraints of cords and outlets.

Better coverage and business

You can freely work on small to large cars, bottom to top, and interior since you are not limited by the power sources, opening up new business opportunities. 

cordless buffer - maxshine 0312V2

Increase portability: 

The power of the cordless ultimately brings you high portability, allowing you to move from one place to another without worrying about the power limitation. When you pack your tools, you are ready to go and plan for your detailing work; it works best for mobile detailing remote jobs requiring you to travel and often lacking power sources. 

Unlimited Mobility

With cordless polishers, you free yourself from the power cord and outlet, allowing you to easily navigate the car and detail any spots requiring a thorough and even polish. 

What makes MaxShine Cordless Polisher convenient and best?

We truly understand your pain with car polishing.

Mobile car detailing is one of the hot topics and trends in the industry since users often struggle to work on a car with a limited length of the power cord or even without a power source. The difficulty accelerates further accessing small areas with bulky polishers, meant for using the polisher for extensive coverage and open spaces.

Below is the M0312 V2, configuration, detailing each part.

mini cordless buffer

Maxshine cordless polisher is the solution for you. 

The versatile cordless buffer maximizes users’ mobility, offers easy access to small areas, and extends the operating time between 35 to 45 minutes, depending on the speed, load, weight, and pressure.

The dual-battery pack

A dual battery pack allows non-stop operation of the cordless buffer by putting the other battery in the charging station for 30 minutes until fully charged. Once the operating battery runs out, you can conveniently swap the batteries to extend your operation time.

Lightweight matters

Working in a car for long hours makes your arm and hands tired, causing you to lose control during the polishing process, which requires a precision job.

It weighs only 2.11 pounds.

The MaxShine cordless buffer only weighs 2.11 pounds, which helps to take your burden off from the heavy weight of the polisher, allowing you to control better jobs in polishing tight areas such as front or backlight lamps.

A dual battery pack boosts your mobility.

The best mobile polisher offers enough operating time with the battery, which varies by pressure, workload, speed, and the total weight of the polisher, including the backing plate and pad.

35 to 45 minutes of charging time

The lighter the polisher and the less pressuring, the longer operating time will be allowed. M0312 V2 allows 35 to 45 minutes of operating time. When the battery reaches a low level, you can always switch to the other charged battery. 

MaxShine M0312 V2 Mini Cordless Polisher Battery Pack

Mini Cordless v2 Battery pack

Vibration and Balance

Less vibration is better for the user when polishing a car with a polisher, which leads to performing precise polishing jobs.

Internal optimization of the polisher for lessening vibration

Internal electro-mechanical characteristics contribute to the vibrations, balanced electrical current, and mechanical components, the less vibration. This new polisher has been optimized to the best balance for minimizing vibration, which brings it to the next level of a great user experience.

Great tool for mobile detailers

A mobile detailer may need to polish when no power source is available in a remote location. This polisher works best for that detailer, who can bring fully charged batteries and perform the work remotely without a cable power source. 

Key Features:

  • The Cordless Car Polisher maximizes mobility and convenience for car paint correction jobs.
  • M0312 V1 Enhancements: The M0312 V2 comes with multiple enhancements from the previous version: Improved battery quality, better balance, and low vibration. Moreover, lower temperature, more precise speed control with an anti-slip switch, more torque power, and softer and better ergonomic grip.
  • Super lightweight: It only weighs 2.11 pounds with a battery and pad.
  • Adjustable speed settings offer additional convenience while working on your car detailing; it provides 6 Speed Settings (2500 – 6000rpm).
  • Hybrid polisher: The 80W Cordless Car Detailing Polisher works as both a DA and Rotary polisher by changing the module and backing plate.
  • Battery indicators: Green from 100% to 50%, Yellow from 50% to 20%, and Red from 20% to 0%, reaching 0%, the red LED starts blinking.
  • 2 Batteries (3Ah)included for non-stop operation; Operation time: 35 to 45 min, charging time: 30 min.
  • 3mm(counterweight set),12mm(counterweight set) Dual Action Throw and Rotary.
  • The package contains all the necessary components.
MaxShine M0312 Cordless Mini Polisher Dual Action mode

It contains a complete package.

The package contains a complete package for the 2 batteries, extension shaft, 1.5″ and 2″ plates, pads, and wrenches to replace the module to switch from a rotary polisher to a dual-action polisher or vice versa.

Extension shaft 1.2″ and 2″ polishing plates and pads Battery pack  Tools
cordless buffer extension shaft MaxShine Mini Cordless Polishing Pads Kit MaxShine M0312 V2 Mini Cordless Polisher Battery Pack MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2 Tools

Polishing intricate areas Polishing pads: 1.5″, 2″ for cutting, polishing, and finishing, in total 24 pads. 2 Batteries Wrenches for replacing module


Maxshine M0312 V2 Mini Polisher maximizes mobility and brings the best user experience with an ergonomic design and enhanced engineering. You can see the battery availability and speed through the LED display window. It works as a dual-action or rotary polisher by changing the module and comes with a complete kit ready to go.

People Also Asked

Does the cordless DA polisher come with a wall charger?

Yes, it comes with a wall charger for the US.

Where do I find replacement batteries?

You can always visit the Maxshine website and get replacement batteries.

Can I use the mini cordless for my car?

Of course, anyone can easily use this cordless polisher.

What is the Hybrid Polisher?

A hybrid polisher works as a dual-action or rotary polisher by exchanging the interface module.


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