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Interior Car Detailing Areas You Probably Miss

When it comes to exterior and interior car detailing, it’s easy to focus on the obvious areas like the paint, wheels, and interior seats.

However, there are several commonly missed areas that can make a big difference in the quality of the detail.

Interior Car Detailing Tricks


Top of

Windows themselves are never forgotten to be cleaned, but they are often forgotten to be rolled down. If not rolled down, the top of the window doesn’t get cleaned and the incomplete detail will be noticed the next time the owner wants some fresh air while driving. 

Window miss spot car Detailing
Windows cleaning trick awesome

Interior Car Detailing Tricks



Again, headrest posts themselves are not often overlooked as they can be cleaned quickly with a simple wipe down, but how often are headrests removed to clean the entirety of the posts? This may not likely be noticed right away by the car owner, but if any passenger needs to adjust the headrest, it will be. 

Proper way to clean Head Rests
Proper way to clean Head Rests 2

Interior Car Detailing Tricks



Opening visors is a matter of a simple flip, but are, again, commonly overlooked. Visors, and especially their mirrors, can easily become grimy and smudged from naturally oily hands. Provide a thorough detail by taking the time to wipe them clean.

Cleaning Visors interior Car Detailing
Cleaning Visors interior Detailing finish

Interior Car Detailing Tricks 


Trunk Jams

Though the most noticeable when left dirty, trunk jams are still forgotten. Just like door jams, dirt builds up quickly and easily along the edge of a trunk and can be cleaned thoroughly with proper tools. If left uncleaned, this area will definitely be noticed by the owner.

Interior Car Detailing Tricks
Detailing Tricks - Brush, Trunk Jams Cleaned
Some products you may use
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