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Stephanie Devine

Check out this MadBabe Curated Bundle!

Hey guys, I have selected and tested these products from Maxshine and was thoroughly impressed.

Whether you're a beginner or professional detailer these products are all you need for a paint enhancement/ one step correction! 
Starting with the Ultra foam wash and clay towel for prepping the paint surface, then polishing the paint using the M8S v2 polisher paired with their AIO pad and AIO polish. Then finally go in  with The Mist and their Edgeless pu coated microfiber towels for the perfect finish! 
Happy Detailing 😊 ❤️
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My Recommended Products

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Foam Cleanser | Ultra Foaming Wash – 16oz, 1gal |


Microfiber Wash Mitts


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MadBabe Wash and Shine Detailing Kit

  • An essentials car polishing kit to properly prep and polish your car
  • Wash with a thick sudsy soap that safely removes dirt and leaves a shiny finish
  • Clay away embedded paint contaminants to prep for polishing
  • Reduce swirls, restore gloss, and apply protection with just one step
  • Maintain enhanced shine and increase protection after repeated washing