Clay Lube Spray – 16oz, 1gal

  • Specially designed for use with natural and synthetic clay products
  • Super lubrication for scratch-free and easy clay decontamination
  • Can also be used as a quick detail spray


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Clay Bar Lubricant

Clay Lube Spray
Effortless Decontamination

This Clay Lube Spray is specially designed to work with clay products like bars, pads, and towels. It provides superior lubrication to prevent scratches during the claying process, effectively removing contaminants while protecting your car's finish. It doesn't leave streaks or residue and creates a smooth surface perfect for polishing, waxing, or sealing. It's versatile and can even be used as a detail spray to remove dust and smudges. This product is suitable for all vehicles and a must-have for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Clay Lube Spray

Features and Benefits

Effortless Decontamination Without Scratches

This clay lube spray boasts superior lubrication, creating a smooth surface for clay bars, pads, and towels to glide effortlessly. This minimizes friction, preventing scratches and ensuring safe, effective decontamination of your vehicle's finish.

The Versatile Quick Detailer

Don't limit this spray to clay work! Its advanced formula doubles as a quick detailer, tackling dust, smudges, fingerprints, and more. Keep your car looking showroom-ready between washes with this multi-purpose product.

Clay Lube Spray onto White Car Hood

Universal Compatibility for
All Clay Types

Whether you prefer natural clay bars, synthetic clay pads, or other clay alternatives, this lube spray has you covered. Its unique formula works seamlessly with all clay types, offering universal lubrication for a flawless detailing experience.

How to Use
Clay Lube Spray


MAxshine - Car Detailing Product made in the USA

Detailers each have their preference for how they like to remove embedded contaminants from vehicles, so MaxShine offers a multitude of Clay Products to enhance your auto detailing. Whether by clay bar, clay mitt, or synthetic applicator, MaxShine has everything clay you need for a proper car detail.

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Product Dimensions & Weight (16oz)

2.36(L) x 3.25(W) x 9.25(H) in, 1.23 lbs

Product Dimensions & Weight (1gal)

6.69(L) x 3.15(W) x 11.81(H) in, 9.57 lbs

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2 reviews for Clay Lube Spray – 16oz, 1gal

  1. Andy Kiesow Ajk detailing

    Love you products. And I’m happy for speedy and successful fill of my order. Max shine user for life.

  2. Mike Timpe

    Does exactly what it’s intended to do

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What is MaxShine's Clay Lube?

MaxShine's Clay Lube is a specially formulated lubricant designed to enhance the performance of clay products during the claying process. It provides a smooth and slippery surface to prevent scratching and marring while removing contaminants from your vehicle's paintwork.

How do I use MaxShine's Clay Lube?

To use MaxShine's Clay Lube, start by washing and drying your vehicle. Then, spray a liberal amount of the clay lube onto the surface you wish to clay as well as your clay product. Next, glide the clay product gently over the lubricated area in straight lines. The clay lube will reduce friction and help the clay glide smoothly over the paint. After each pass, wipe away any residue with a clean microfiber towel. Repeat this process until the surface feels smooth.

Can I dilute MaxShine's Clay Lube?

It is not recommended to dilute MaxShine's Clay Lube. The formula has been carefully balanced to provide optimal lubrication for the clay bar and diluting it may affect its performance and effectiveness.

Is MaxShine's Clay Lube safe for all paint types?

Yes, MaxShine's Clay Lube is safe for use on all automotive paint types, including clear coats. It is designed to provide a lubricated barrier between the clay and the paint surface, minimizing the risk of scratches or swirl marks.

Can I use MaxShine's Clay Lube on other surfaces besides paint?

While MaxShine's Clay Lube is primarily designed for use on automotive paintwork, it can also be safely used on other surfaces such as glass and chrome. It provides the same lubrication benefits and helps remove contaminants effectively.

Can I apply MaxShine's Clay Lube in direct sunlight?

It is best to avoid applying MaxShine's Clay Lube in direct sunlight or on a hot surface. High temperatures can cause the lube to evaporate quickly, reducing its effectiveness. It is recommended to work in shaded areas or during cooler parts of the day for optimal results.

How long does a bottle of MaxShine's Clay Lube last?

The longevity of a bottle of MaxShine's Clay Lube depends on the frequency and size of the vehicles you are working on. Generally, a single bottle should last for multiple clay bar sessions. It is always a good idea to have extra on hand to ensure you have enough for larger or more frequent projects.

Does MaxShine's Clay Lube leave any residue after use?

No, MaxShine's Clay Lube is formulated to evaporate cleanly after use, leaving behind a residue-free surface. However, it is still advisable to wipe away any remaining residue with a clean microfiber towel to ensure a perfectly clean and smooth finish.

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