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Car Clay products

Car clay products are essential for keeping your car’s paint in excellent condition. Claying a car removes contaminants from the paint surface, such as industrial fallout, bird droppings, bugs, and tree sap. There are several types of car clay products available, each with its unique benefits.


Clay Products

Clay Bar used

Maxshine Detailing Clay Bar Auto Detailing - 2pcs/pack

The Maxshine Auto Detailing Clay Bar professionally removes or wipes away interior and external surface contaminants such as overspray, factory fallout, tar, grime, rail dust, and tree sap mist. Evenly effective on paint, glass, metal, and plastic.
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Clay bars are the most traditional and widely used type of clay product. They are made from a soft, malleable material that is designed to pick up and remove contaminants without damaging the paint. Clay bars come in various sizes and grades, fine to coarse. They are easy to use, but can be time-consuming, as you have to knead the bar to expose a clean surface as you go along. Furthermore, if a clay bar is dropped it must be trashed, as the contaminants it picked up from the ground could scratch your paint. 


Clay Products

Clay mitts are similar to clay bars, but they are shaped like a mitt, making it easier to hold and handle. It is a mitt that is coated in a synthetic clay-like material. They are a great alternative for those who find using a clay bar difficult or uncomfortable and offer the advantage of covering more surface area in a shorter amount of time than a clay bar. They are also more durable than clay bars, making them last longer. Clay mitts can come as standalone clay mitts or a combination wash and clay mitt, making a wash and clay detail more efficient.

Clay mitt duo

Maxshine Chenille Detailing Clay Mitt For Car - Chenille or Microfiber


MaxShine’s Clay Wash Mitts combine popular wash mitt materials with our Magic Clay Mitt. It is truly unlike others, offering 80/20 re-washable microfiber that delivers the same level of softness even after numerous washes. Your car will enjoy a silky smooth paint finish every time.

You can choose either Microfiber or Chenille Clay Mitt.  Note that both styles are Red & Black.        
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Clay Products

Clay Bar Towel

Maxshine Clay Bar Towel - Fine Grade


MaxShine’s Red Detailing Clay Towel is a revolutionary alternative to the clay bar, with a unique combination of microfiber towel and clay to make car detailing more efficient.

This Clay Towel features an advanced imported rubber polymer coating, which is the best in the business at removing above-surface contaminants.

After using the Clay Bar Towel, simply rinse it with clean water and use it over and over!

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Clay towels are like clay mitts, but they are shaped like a towel, also making them easy to hold and handle. They are made from a microfiber material that is coated in a synthetic clay-like substance. Clay towels are easy to use and similar to clay mitts, they can cover more surface area in a shorter amount of time than traditional clay bars. Additionally, they are gentle on the paint, making them a great option for cars with delicate paintwork.


Clay Products

A clay sponge is a type of car clay product that combines the convenience of a sponge with the effectiveness of a clay bar. It is made from a synthetic material, often foam, which is coated in a clay-like substance. The sponge is easy to use, and it can remove surface contaminants without scratching the paint. The sponge’s texture can also remove stubborn contaminants with ease.

Clay product, sponge , claying a car

Maxshine Clay Sponge

Maxshine’s Clay Sponge is the first step in removing above-surface contaminants from your vehicle’s paint and achieving a smooth, glossy surface. Spend less time with a clay bar and utilize the long-lasting sponge as your essential tool in painted surface protection.
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Clay Products

Clay pad in use



Brilliant material removes contaminants and impurities much faster than clay bars

Pairs perfectly with Maxshine’s Hand Polishing Pad Holder

*Caution: Higher risk of marring when used with a machine if not performed properly.
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Clay pads are another type of car clay product that is similar to clay mitts. They are typically made of foam and are coated with a clay-like material. Clay pads are often designed to be used with a dual action polisher, though using them in that way takes skill to not mar the paint. Alternatively, using them by hand is easy and can cover more surface area than a clay bar. Pair it with MaxShine’s Hand Pad Holder and it greatly reduces hand fatigue that may occur most other clay products.


Unlike clay bar, most clay bar alternative products can be reused if dropped. They just need to be rinsed thoroughly first.

Iron Remover

Sometimes referred to as Clay Spray, Iron Remover sprays are a contactless way to remove contaminants from a painted surface. Though they can’t remove fully embedded contaminants like clay products can, they are best when used in conjunction with clay in order to remove any residual contamination clay products left behind.

MaxShine FeX Iron Remover and Wheel Cleaner in paint

Clay Lube

Clay lube is a liquid spray that is designed to be used in conjunction with a clay product, making the claying process faster, more efficient, and reduces marring of the paint. Lubrication is imperative when claying. Many use car wash soap, though Clay Lube has been specifically formulated with lubrication polymers to for this specific process.

Spraying MaxShine Clay Lube Spray

Clay Lube Spray – 16oz, 1gal


In Conlusion

In conclusion, car clay products are essential for maintaining a car’s paintwork. There are several types of car clay products available, and all are great options for removing surface contaminants. When choosing a car clay product, consider the type of contaminants you need to remove, the size of the surface area, and the delicacy of the paintwork.

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