Maxshine Hand Polishing Pad Holder

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The polishing pad holder can embrace a polishing foam pad with a built-in hook and loop fastener, a 4.95-inch diameter, ideal for holding a 5″ or 6″ polishing foam pad, offering a convenient way to help your manual polishing work achieved quickly.


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The polishing pad holder – Maxshine Hand Polishing Pad Holder

The polishing pad holder is an essential accessory designed to help your manual polishing with a 4.95-inch diameter, hook and look fastener, and strap, well suited for holding 5″ or 6″ polishing foam pads. This pad holder simplifies your manual polishing with the convenience of a built-in strap and hook and loop fastener, offering a secure grip on polishing pads, holding and controlling various types of pads by placing your fingers through the strap. The hook and loop fastener ensures a firm attachment, making manual polishing easily achieved when you can’t apply a polishing machine. 

Hand Polishing Pad Holder

  • Finest Pad Holder gives you a handle on polishing pads
  • Just put your fingers through the strap on the pad holder to securely hold onto any 5″ or 6″ polishing pad. 
  • The hook and loop fastener provides a firm and comfortable grip
  • Use it for manual polishing instead of a polishing machine for any reason. 

Dimensions and weight

4.95 inch(diameter) x 02 inch(width), 0.6oz 


Maxshine hand strap applicator is the ultimate choice for car detailing tools when you polish surfaces manually. 

Crafted from soft foam on the holding area for a soft grip and a firm hook and loop fastener, it perfectly fits your hand. 

Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 4.92 × 4.92 × 0.2 in


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