Best cordless polisher | Super lightweight 2.11 LBS, Hybrid, High-speed with six(6) controls

Best cordless polisher

The best cordless polisher maximizes mobility for detailing small spots and hard-to-reach areas. If you are polishing tight sections such as car door handles, it makes it extremely difficult.

Try our cordless polisher to assist you with high-speed and lightweight.

Why do you need the MaxShine cordless buffer?

The cordless buffer brings you multiple advantages, ultimately improving your detailing efficiency since it:

  • Maximizing your mobility with a 2.11 LBS lightweight polisher
  • 6-speed control while in operation.
  • Battery life: 35 to 45 minutes of operation time
  • Low vibration allows precision detailing.
  • Hybrid: works as dual action polisher and rotary polisher.
  • Comfortable grip for a long operation
  • The status window for speed and battery availability
  • Tight area polishing

Maximizing your mobility with the lightweight Maxshine M0312 V2

best cordless polisher

The lightweight mini cordless polisher makes your job easier and allows a longer polishing job since you won’t get tired in short operation. The heavy polisher makes less operation time. Furthermore, it offers a precisional job by stabilizing your hand position and consistency. Also, less heat is produced by the polishing action between the surfaces and the polisher pad.

Controlling variable speed for better productivity and precision 

The polisher lets you control six(6) speeds while in operation, which makes your job much easier. Detailing various sections of a car requires applying different speed levels for fine polishing.

Using the battery for 35 to 45 minutes, non-stop operation 

Depending on the speed and intensity of your polishing job, the battery runs between 35 to 45 minutes. We provide you with two batteries, one for polishing and the other battery for charging. The 30 minutes of charging time gives you a non-stop operation; you can always switch the fully charged battery with the drained battery.

Stabilizing your polishing with low-vibration 

We designed the polisher to minimize the vibration for more stable and precise polishing. The polisher vibrates to provide a turning action for polishing. However, the higher the polisher vibrates, the less precision and letting you operate the polisher for less time since your hand gets tired from the vibration.

Use Less Vibrating Polisher 

Status window for speed and battery Comfortable grip Speed control
Added Status Display MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2 Enhanced Grip MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2 MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2Redesigned Speed Control

Hybrid Mini Polisher 

You can use the polisher as a dual-action or rotary polisher for your specific job requirement. We provide you with a conversion module that you can conveniently change at any time.

Comfortable grip for long operation 

The enhanced and perforated hand grip lets you operate the polisher longer. You can comfortably hold the grip to target polishing areas. A non-slip perforated grip also helps you operate the polisher more efficiently.

The status window for battery life and speed

You can see the current operation of the speed and remaining battery all the time. Letting you easily adjust the correct speed and estimated remaining battery helps your seamless polisher operation.

Polishing small and tight areas

The mini polisher has been designed for polishing small and tight areas while maximizing mobility. You can use either 1.5-inch or 2-inch polishing plates, and pads come with the package.

What is your offering?

The prices change from time to time, We encourage you to visit the product detail page of the mini cordless polisher. The shipping is free and we will provide you with the best services.

You will love it. 

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What is the weight of the Maxshine cordless buffer?

It weighs only 2.11 LBS.

Why the lightweight of the polisher offers the better productivity?

The lighter the weight, the more precision polishing and the longer operation time it allows.

What is the maximum operation time the battery allows?

35 to 45 minutes.


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