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Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is a process of restoring the clarity and brightness of plastic headlight lenses that have become dull or yellowed over time. This can be caused by exposure to the elements, UV rays, and other environmental factors. The good news is that headlight restoration is a relatively simple process that can be done at home with MaxShine’s Headlight Restoration Kit.

Light cleaning and clay

Step 1.

Clean the Headlight Lens

The first step in headlight restoration is to clean the lens. Start by washing the lens with a mild soap and water, and then dry it with a microfiber towel. This will remove any dirt, grime, or other debris that may be on the lens.

Step 2.

Sand the Headlight Lens

The next step is to sand the lens. Start by using the coarsest grit sandpaper (1000 grit) to remove any heavy oxidation or yellowing on the lens. Then continue with the remaining sandpaper getting finer as you go (2000 then 3000), to smooth out any remaining imperfections. 

There's a few options for each grit of sandpaper. Some choose to do every step “wet” where they apply water or Clay Lube to the headlight and the surface of the sandpaper. Others choose to do the first two sandpaper grits dry and the final grit wet. The final (3000 grit) should always be done wet to help aid in removing fine marks and scratches from the previous sandpaper passes. 

Headlight restoration hand sanding
Sanding headlight Sandpaper and polisher, headlight restoration kit
You can do each step with the tool that you prefer: Hand, Drill, or Polisher.
You can mix them to get the best results
Drill sanding headlight, headlight restoration
Headlight Sanding Process

What to expect with the different Sand Grit

Results may vary from case to case

Headlight polish compound, headlight restoration
Drill Polish headlight restoration
whipe Polish headlight restoration
Step 3.

Polish the Headlight Lens

After sanding, it's time to polish the lens. Use the polish that is included in the headlight restoration kit, and apply it to the lens with the included polishing pad. 


Apply a Protective Coating

The final step is to apply a protective coating to the lens. This will help to protect the lens from future damage and keep it looking clear and bright. There are several options available, including UV-resistant coatings and sealants. For the toughest and longest lasting protection we recommend MaxShine’s Graphene Ceramic Coating.

MaxShine Graphene Ceramic Coating GC-01 headlight after headlight restoration
Headlight restoration Completed

Check out the Results

To finish...

By following these simple steps, you can restore the clarity and brightness of your headlight lenses and improve your visibility while driving. Remember to take your time and use care when sanding and polishing the lens to avoid damaging it.

You can get everything you need with our Headlight Restoration KIT!!

headlight restoration kit live action

Headlight Restoration Kit


Maxshine Headlight Restoration Kit is a collection of professional-grade products assembled specifically for removing the oxidation and yellowing that builds up on automotive headlight lenses.

This kit uses a system of light abrasives to keep vehicles looking great or to restore a used vehicle!

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Headlight Restoration

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