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In the world of detailing there is a plethora of different products created for varying purposes.

Now if you’re a detailing enthusiast keeping your personal vehicles in tip top shape, or running a detailing business and coming across all types of vehicle demands, you know what products work well for you and your detailing needs. As new products and technologies arise your opinions about the products you use will likely shift and you’ll reassess what products you choose to use. But do you take notice of every product?

Here are some of the Must Have detailing products you didn't know you needed: 

1. Brilliant Detailing Tools

Ezy Wheel Hose Rollers

It’s a simple product that serves one purpose, but leaves a huge and lasting impact.

MaxShine’s Ezy Wheel Hose Slide Rollers keep garden and power washing hoses from getting caught under wheels as you maneuver around the vehicle foaming and rinsing. Keeping a continuous movement, and not having to get yourself unstuck, allows for maximum efficiency, saving you time and money. 

ezy wheel hose rollers in use detailing tool

Tire Hose Guide | Maxshine Ezy Wheel Hose Slide Rollers-2pcs |

A tire hose guide, known as The Maxshine Ezy Wheel Hose Slide Roller, eliminates water hoses and cables from getting stuck around tires. It is a simple yet handy tool for car detailing.  The tire hose guide comes with a twin pack for your convenience. 
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Tire Hose Guide | Maxshine Ezy Wheel Hose Slide Rollers-2pcs |


MaxShine Modular Detailing Creeper Seat-main
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Modular Detailing Creeper Seat

2. Brilliant Detailing Tools

Modular Detailing Creeper

Vastly reduce strain and fatigue on those long detailing days with MaxShine’s Modular Detailing Creeper Seat. Crouching while washing wheels or polishing lower areas creates stress, tension, and potential injury. Stay comfortable and work with greater ease with the proper detailing seat. What makes MaxShine’s Modular Creeper stand out is its varying capabilities. The full seat offers multiple storage possibilities with an appropriate height seat so you can stay efficient, organized, and comfortable. Furthermore, the top seat transforms into a Mini Creeper providing maximum comfort in detailing even lower areas of a vehicle. 


Modular Detailing Creeper Seat

  • The Modular Detailing Creeper Seat provides a comfortable working position for both mechanical and detailing tasks on the lower part of a vehicle
  • The top seat is removable and converts to a Mini Creeper, kneel with comfort and roll with ease
  • Keep all your compounds, towels, and small tools handy with the convenient bottle holders and storage drawer
  • The curved seat is ergonomically designed and the optional soft cushion amplifies your comfort during long detailing sessions
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3. Brilliant Detailing Tools

Wheel Covers

When thinking of wheel covers what first comes to mind is storing a vehicle. While MaxShine’s Wheel Covers are perfect for storing, what if that’s not something you need? Let’s think outside the box a bit and reconfigure a Wheel Cover’s typical use towards detailing.

Now when using compound or polish with a machine, as careful are you are, accidents may happen and that’s where splatter usually arises. You’ve definitely washed the vehicle before correcting the paint, which includes the wheels, and now you likely have to wash the wheels again after splattering polish all over them. That need not happen if you protect the wheels while correcting paint. Take detailing to another level and stay efficient with MaxShine’s Wheel Covers.

wheel cover polishing

|Wheel Cover - 4pcs/pack| The Best Wheel Cover, Your Ultimate Choice

The wheel cover, made of durable material with PU-coated (Polyurethane), is resistant to heat waves, water, UV, and other harmful variables.  Stop weather damage to your wheels and keep them free from dirt while storing. These 4 pieces of wheel covers protect bare metal wheels from harsh chemicals during the detailing process since they are chemical-resistant. 

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|Wheel Cover – 4pcs/pack| The Best Wheel Cover, Your Ultimate Choice

wash wheel cover

Headlight Restoration Kit

Before and after Headlight Restoration Kit
4. Brilliant Detailing Tools

Headlight Restoration Kit

Though fixing cloudy and yellowing lights may seem complicated, for the average person it is a simple DIY project, and for professionals it’s an easy way to make fast money.  MaxShine’s Headlight Restoration Kit takes the guess work out of what’s needed to bring clarity back to your lighting. Whether by hand, drill, or polisher, the step-by-step sandpaper and included polishing components will quickly have headlights shining bright again.

Headlight Restoration kit for car

Headlight Restoration Kit


Maxshine Headlight Restoration Kit is a collection of professional-grade products assembled specifically for removing the oxidation and yellowing that builds up on automotive headlight lenses.

This kit uses a system of light abrasives to keep vehicles looking great or to restore a used vehicle!

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5. Brilliant Detailing Tools

Mini Cordless Polisher

This is a product you’ve definitely considered but may have decided you could do without. Wrong. Either you’re skipping polishing tight areas altogether or working too hard doing it by hand. MaxShine’s Mini Cordless Polisher elevates your detailing to new heights. The included rotary, 3mm DA, and 12mm DA heads with various backing plates and pads optimizes its capabilities to fulfill your detailing needs. Save time, limit strain, and if you run a business, make more money. 

Best Mini Cordless Polisher use

Cordless Dual Action Polisher | M0312 V2 - Cordless Hybrid Rotary & DA |

  • The cordless dual action polisher weighs only 2.11LBS and works as rotary and DA in one body
  • Maximize full mobility with the handy cordless and super lightweight design 
  • Performs well with polishing tight areas, further assisted by the rotary extension
  • LED status display for speed and battery life keeps you constantly informed with a quick glance
  • Eliminate hand strain with the upgraded handle which features a more ergonomic grip
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Cordless Dual Action Polisher | M0312 V2 – Cordless Hybrid Rotary & DA |

Mini cordless polisher, polishing harley

In Conclusion

These products may not seem necessary at first glance, but each offers unique detailing assistance that can’t be overlooked. Your time is valuable, don’t waste it unnecessarily; get the tools that maximize your efficiency. That`s how they become part of your must have car detailing tools.


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