Maxshine M8S V2 1000W | The best dual action polisher for beginners friendly, affordable

The best dual-action polisher for beginners is essential for your car polishing journey. DA polishers provide more manageable built-in features as compared to rotary polishers. DA polishers generate lesser heat also, thanks to dual motions: the circular and random orbital motion.

M8s V2 Action 7

The dual motion offers you safer polishing. 

A rotary polisher rotates in a single circular motion, which generates more heat than the dual-action polisher. Thus, the DA polisher is safer than the rotary polisher, especially for a beginner. We recommend using rotary polishers for a professional user who has some experience.

Why is the Maxshine M8S V2 beginner-friendly and affordable?

The Maxshine M8S V2 supports all necessary beginner-friendly features as below. It offers more control, short throw, and lesser heat generated perfectly engineered for beginners.

  • 8mm throw, better for targeted polishing.
  • 1000W, powerful machine.
  • Less vibration.
  • 6-speed control with 1/2 step increments, 2,500~6,500 OPM.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Lightweight head. 
  • Long power cord. 

With these features, the cost should appeal to you; the current retail price is $129.99. The polisher is beginner-friendly, yet a professional grade with affordability compared to other brands.

The short-range 8mm throw meets your needs.

You probably look for a polisher to correct targeted areas, rather than a wide area for paint correction. The short-range throw polisher works better than the long-throw one. You can manage this 8mm throw M8S V2 easier than other DA polishers, especially if you are a beginner to car polishing.

1000W powerful engine 

Whether polishing small areas or extensive areas to polish, you need a powerful machine for effective paint correction. It provides you with essential power that allows blasting through scratches.

Best dual action polisher for beginners - 1000W engine image

Less vibration

The more the polisher vibrates, the less manageable your polishing job will be. The powerful M8S V2 lets you blast through scratches with less vibration, resulting in a better polishing job. M8S v2 electromechanical parts were optimized to improve its balancing torque power and ensure smooth operation.

The below images represent some benefits of the polisher.

Large handle with easy grip Lightweight head  Easy access to carbon brushes
Best dual action polisher for beginners - large handle with easy grip Best dual action polisher for beginners - lightweight machine head Best dual action polisher for beginners - easy to access the carbon brush

Variable 6-speed control 

You can control the speed of the polisher by six(6) speeds with 1/2 step increments while polishing. The range of speed is 2,500 ~ 6,500 OPM.

Comfortable grip assisting you with precision polishing and productive.

The large handle with a comfortable grip makes your work more productive and assists you with precision polishing jobs.

Easy access to brushes

You can easily access the brushes for replacement at your place.

Lightweight machine head 

The lightweight head helps to manage the polishing easier and generates less heat. The lightweight M8S V2 applies less pressure to the surface than the heavier ones.

Dimension and weight

13.4(L)x3.5(W)x5.4(H), 5.11LBS

Long power cord

The longer the cord, the better your job flow will be, letting you move around a car freely.

Overview of M8S V2 

A perfect polisher for beginners shall meet your expectations:

  • More controls.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to control speeds.
  • A long power cord lets you freely move around.

Pair M8S V2 with Maxshine quality plates and pads.

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