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What's the best type of car wash?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle is important not just for aesthetic reasons but also for maintaining its value and prolong its lifespan.

However, when it comes to washing your car, there are several methods available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the different methods of car washing and which is right for your vehicle.

Simple Guide

What's the best type of car wash for you?

The Best Type of Car Wash

Bucket Wash

When we talk about the best type of car wash, we need to start with the must popular and traditional method of cleaning your vehicle: Hand Washing. It involves using a bucket of soapy water, a soft microfiber or wool wash mitt, and a hose (garden or pressure washer) to clean the car’s exterior manually.

This method allows for a thorough and personalized cleaning experience, as the person washing the car can target specific areas and apply varying degrees of pressure.


  • Provides a more thorough cleaning than some other methods
  • Allows you to target specific areas of the car and select your own chemicals
  • Less water is used compared to some automated car washers, making it a more environmentally friendly option


  • Time-consuming and requires physical effort
  • If not done correctly, can potentially scratch or damage the car’s exterior
  • Requires enough space for washing, can be messy
Refresh mitt with MaxShine Refresh Car Wash Shampoo

Refresh Car Wash Shampoo - 16oz, 1gal

  • Removes dirt, road grime, and contaminants without scratching
  • Does not strip wax, ceramic, or other protective coatings
  • Heavy duty soap with an eco-friendly pH neutral formula
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Maxshine Microfiber Mitt Wash - Mixed Color Black & White

  • Maxshine Colorful White & Black Microfiber Wash Mitt is designed for multiple uses.

  • It can be used for washing the bodywork, wheels, wheel wells, tires, and grill. The chubby spun strands hold loads of soapy water delivery.

  • The superior durability of this mitt allows it to hold up to rigorous use.

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The Best Type of Car Wash

Foam Cannon

Moving foward in selecting the best type of car wash for you, let’s talk about the Foam Cannon. A foam cannon car wash is a method that involves using a foam cannon attachment for your pressure washer. The foam cannon creates a thick layer of foam that clings to the car’s surface, breaking down dirt and grime before rinsing the car off with water.


  • Provides a thick layer of foam that can help to loosen dirt and grime
  • Can be faster than hand washing, especially when used with a pressure washer
  • Achieve superior lubrication to reduce scratches if combining this method with the contact wash of the hand washing method


  • Requires a pressure washer, which can be expensive to purchase or rent
  • May not be as effective as contact hand washing
  • Not ideal for heavily soiled vehicles unless combining with hand washing method
Ultra Foaming Wash Car Wash Foam Cleanser Foam Cannon Spray

Car Wash Product | Snow Master Kit | Foam Cannon With A Foam Wash 

The car wash product includes a foam cannon and foam wash as a kit, bringing you the essentials in ultimate car care. The Snow Master Kit provides an easy way for your car washing experience. 

Products Included:

SMFC002:Snow Master Foam Cannon - 1

MFOZ16:Ultra Foaming Wash 16oz - 1

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Pressure Washer Gun | Maxshine High-Pressure Short Wand | 5000PSI, Multiple Nozzles, Durable

  • The pressure washer gun is light and easy to use. 5000PSI, equivalent to 345 bar, brass fitting, meets daily cleaning needs for your car, walls, and garden. 
  • The handle, made of an anti-skid and wear-resistant black glue, offers durability. 
  • Crafted from durable material for shell and plate, it offers longevity. 
  • It contains multiple nozzles: 1 quick-release coupler 1/4″female, 1 quick-release connector 3/8″ male, 1 twist & plug connector M22 14mm. 
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The Best Type of Car Wash

Waterless Car Wash

A waterless car wash involves using a special cleaning solution and microfiber towels to clean the car’s exterior without water. This method is becoming increasingly popular, especially in areas where water scarce or in drought-prone regions.


  • Saves water, making it an environmentally friendly option
  • Can be done quickly and without the need for a lot of equipment
  • Can be done almost anywhere, making it convenient for those without access to a hose or car wash facility


  • May not be as thorough as other car washing methods
  • Requires more physical effort than some other methods, as the cleaning solution needs to be applied and buffed off with a microfiber towel
  • Only ideal for lightly soiled vehicles or spot detailing
  • Can cause scratches if used on a too heavily soiled vehicle


Spray Wash for cars - Maxshine waterless wash

Waterless Wash & Wax - 16oz, 1gal

  • Unique formula cleans and shines without scratching, leaving a brilliant finish
  • UV protectants help shield paint from sun damage, preventing fading
  • Use as a quick wash, detailer, or finishing spray for a variety of cleaning and protection needs
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Microfiber Car Cloth | 500GSM Fluffy Wax Removal Microfiber Towel |


• Wipe away wax with scratch-free resultsSmoothly buff coatings to a seamless shine • Ultra-soft, plush pile is gentle on sensitive surfaces

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The Best Type of Car Wash

Automated Car Wash

Automated car washes use a conveyer system to move the car through a series of machine sprayers, brushes, and blowers. They can be either touchless or use brushes to scrub the car. Automated car washes are quick and require less physical effort than hand washing.


  • Faster than hand washing and requires less physical effort
  • Some automatic car washes have special features such as undercarriage washes or wax application


  • Can be more expensive than hand washing, especially if opting for additional features
  • May not provide as thorough a cleaning as hand washing, especially in hard-to-reach areas
  • Brushes used in some automatic car washes can likely cause scratches or damage to the paint
  • Can’t control what chemicals are used
The Best Type of Car Wash

In Conclusion

Ultimately, the method of washing your car depends on your personal preference and situation. Hand washing is gentle and allows for control over the process and chemicals used on your car.





Bucket Wash




Foam Cannon



Waterless Wash




Automatic Car Wash




The Best Type of Car Wash

Which One is the Best Type of Car Wash for You?

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