Auto Detailing Brush Set – 3PCS/PACK

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The Auto Detailing Brush Set aims to clean hard-to-reach objects in your car using three(3) sizes to help you finish your job quickly on irregular shapes or hard-to-reach areas such as car engines, wheels, nuts, and leather seats. 

The soft yet stiff boar hair bristles with an excellent bend recovery enhance your car detailing. 

  • Bend to clean tiny or hard-to-reach areas professionally
  • Perfect for any detailing work
  • Great tool for cleaning leather seats, interior, and exterior


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Auto Detailing Brush Set - Perfect for Detailing Intricate Surfaces 

The auto detailing brush set comes in three(3) sizes, made of high-density boar hair bristles that are soft yet durable and provide fast bend recovery, ideal for cleaning car engines, wheels, emblems, and intricate interiors. 

Feature and Benefits:

  • Soft yet stiff boar bristles bend to clean intricate surfaces 
  • Removing grime, dirt, and hard spots with a compound cleaner
  • Great tool for cleaning leather seats, interior, and exterior 
  • Comfortable Non-slip handle offers seamless brushing action.  
  • Packaged with three(3) sizes of brushes in the set: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm diameter 
  • The hole on the top of the handle makes it easy to hang after use.
  • For optimal cleaning, pair them with cleaning compounds.

Dimensions and weight

 Large: Diameter 1.54 inch, Length 9.4 inch, 5.2oz

 Medium: Diameter 1.2 inch, Length 8.9 inch, 3.4oz

 Small: Diameter: 1 inch, Length 8.9 inch, 2.2oz

How does it work?

Detailing narrow-opening air vents on your dashboard and console can be a challenge. It dislodges stubborn grime with stiff black bristles and gently cleans clear plastic panels. Great for details of the interior of the car.  The ideal detail brush set for you to clean the interior and exterior of vehicles. Perfect for cleaning the car upholstery, air conditioning outlet, steering wheel, dashboard, etc. It helps to clean hard rust, and the soft bristles will not scratch surfaces.

Cleaning engine bay 

Detailing brush

The soft yet stiff bristles with fast bend recovery work perfectly to clean the intricate engine bay and surroundings. For better results, pair them with Maxshine cleaning compounds.

Cleaning wheels 

wooden handle brush

Cleaning wheels exhibit a perfect case using the auto detailing set with its highly packed bristles with quick bend recovery to clean the wheels. The higher the density of the bristles, the more soapy the water contained, providing sufficient soap to target areas to clean. 

Cleaning emblems 

car detailing brush

Emblems are hard to clean without a proper detailing brush. The auto detailing brush set offers a perfect cleaning tool for intricate shapes like emblems with its stiff and soft bristles. For optimal cleaning results, use it with Maxshine compounds.

Cleaning dashboardcar detailing brush

Cleaning the dashboard, leather seats, bags, boots, and upholstery requires soft and stiff enough bristles to clean them up. The detailing brush is applicable to clean these goods without damaging them.

Pair the brush set with cleaning compounds

Interior CleanersExterior Cleaners 
MaxShine All In One Cleaner AIO Exterior Interior Car CleanerMaxShine Wheel and Tire Cleaner

 Choice of 3 sizes 

You can choose any one of those sizes to suit your needs, enough length for exploring and reaching into the narrow or tight spaces. 

4#(25mm), 6#(30mm), 10#(40mm)

Auto Detailing Brush Set-3PCS

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Auto Detailing Brush Set-3PCS

It releases dirt, holds large water volumes, distributes cleaner compounds evenly, and is scratch-free on delicate surfaces.


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  1. Roger Ross

    Good quality brushes. Well made

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