Car Interior Detailing Kit

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  • Revamp your car’s interior with our all-inclusive Car Interior Detailing Kit
  • Clean, condition, and protect all interior surfaces and materials
  • Variety of brushes to match the best bristles for the detailing job
  • Erase marks that microfiber towels cannot with the interior scrubbing sponge
  • Apply even layers of interior dressing and protectants with the proper applicator

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Professional Interior Detailing

Car Interior Detailing Kit
Clean, Condition, Protect

Our Car Interior Detailing Kit is a comprehensive detailing bundle that will revitalize your car's interior. From pristine upholstery to spotless carpets, this all-inclusive set features everything you need for a showroom-worthy finish. Our all-in-one cleaner effortlessly removes grime, while the conditioner and protectant keep surfaces supple and shielded. Tackle every nook and cranny with specialized brushes designed for upholstery, carpets, and intricate details. The scrubbing sponge provides extra muscle for stubborn stains. Plus, the microfiber applicator ensures precise application of dressings and protectants, leaving your car looking and feeling brand new.

Car Interior Detailing Kit
Carpet and Upholstery Brush

Upholstery Brush

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Tire and Carpet Scrub Brush – Heavy Duty

Carpet Brush

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gifts for dad - interior exterior detailing brush with the wheel and tire cleaning kit

Detailing Brush

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Multipurpose Applicator | Microfiber Wax Applicator Pad

Microfiber Applicator

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Interior Scrubbing Sponge

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MaxShine All In One Conditioner AIO Car Leather Conditioner

AIO Conditioner

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MaxShine All In One Cleaner AIO Exterior Interior Car Cleaner

AIO Cleaner

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Car Interior Detailing Kit

Detailing Chemicals

MaxShine All In One Cleaner AIO Exterior Interior Car Cleaner - Cleaning interior- prep

All in One Cleaner

This all in. one interior car cleaner handles multiple surfaces like paint, metal, glass, chrome, vinyl, leather, plastic, and upholstery. It swiftly removes dirt, grease, and stains without requiring additional cleaning products.

all in one conditioner, car interior cleaner car leather cleaner in applicator

All in One Conditioner

All In One Conditioner cleans, protects, and revitalizes car leather, plastics, rubber, and vinyl in a single step. Its non-greasy formula ensures a lasting satin finish that keeps your vehicle surfaces looking great for years.

Car Interior Detailing Kit

Detailing Brushes

Upholstery Brush

Our professional upholstery brush is designed to impeccably clean leather, fabric, canvas, and convertible tops. Crafted with durable horsehair bristles, it effectively tackles grease, stains, grime, and dirt. 

Tire and Carpet Scrub Brush – Heavy Duty Cleaning Fabric Floor Mat Interior of Car

Carpet Brush

Our heavy-duty carpet cleaning brush is tough on stains, gentle on carpets. Its robust build and curved design reach tricky spots easily. With a non-slip grip, it handles stubborn dirt and persistent stains effortlessly.

Premium Interior & Exterior Detailing Brushes Cleaning Air Vent Interior of Car

Detailing Brush

The versatile boar's hair all-purpose cleaning and detailing brush is gentle on surfaces yet tough on grime. With an ergonomic, non-slip handle, these brushes offer safe and comfortable cleaning.

Car Interior Detailing Kit

Applicators & Sponges

Interior Scrubbing Sponge

This innovative scrubbing pad effortlessly eliminates dirt, fingerprints, and stubborn stains from interior surfaces. Its bristle-like fibers delve deep to tackle the toughest marks, while its soft microfibers delicately apply a protective coat. Ideal for leather, vinyl, soft plastics, and upholstery, this pad ensures a thorough clean and gentle care.

Multipurpose Microfiber Applicator

Constructed from premium, machine washable microfiber, this pad is expertly designed to apply waxes, sealants, dressings, and more. Its plush foam core ensures the perfect pressure for seamless product distribution while effortlessly conforming to surfaces without damaging them.

*Color and style of items received in Car Interior Detailing Kit may be different than shown, but will be the same effectiveness as described.


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