Maxshine Car Wax Applicator

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Our high-grade Carnauba Paste Wax will bring the painting back to life while adding a hydrophobic layer.

Apply by hand or with a DA polisher for the best result. Protect your vehicle from water spots, oxidation, and UV rays.

Maxshine’s Finger Pocket Foam Wax Applicator is extremely absorbent and can collect dust and particles with ease into the scientifically constructed holes throughout the surface to prevent damage to the paint.


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Maxshine Car Wax Applicator Kit

Features and Benefits:

  1. Easy on and off wax application

  2. Highest quality Carnauba

  3. Enhance paint depth and gloss.

  4. Tools needed: Microfiber applicator, foam applicator, microfiber towel.


Apply a thin and even layer to a clean surface using Finger Pocket Foam Wax Applicator

Allow time after it’s applied for the wax to create a smooth haze

With a clean microfiber towel easily remove the wax

Maxshine Car Wax Applicator Kit comes with:

CPOZ08:1PC x Carnauba Paste Wax– 8oz


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