Ultimate Wool Wheel Brush – 45-degree Angle Reach Head

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The EZ detail brush, made of wool, is 45-degree angle to reach dead angles, chemical-resistant, and super absorbent with high-density fiber for the best cleaning result.

  • Made of ultra-soft wool 
  • 45-degree angled 
  • High-density wool fibers 
  • Chemical resistive 


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EZ Detail Brush - Cleaning Wheels, Reaching Dead Angles With 45-degree Head, High-Density Hairs, Super Absorbent 

The EZ detail brush design resolves an issue with unreachable dead angles to the wheels facilitated by its 45-degree angle with ultra-soft bristles, allowing thorough cleaning of wheels, even hidden areas, while ensuring no damage to the wheels and rims. The wheel brush is chemical resistant and highly dense with fine fibers, providing super absorbent that undergoes thinning when wet. A partial soak of the head prevents thinning of the whole hairs of the head. 

Tacking Unreachable Areas With 45-degree Angled Head

This detail brush for wheel cleaning lets you reach hidden areas to clean with its unique 45-degree angle, ensuring thorough cleaning of your wheels to remove contaminants causing oxidation. 

High-Density Fine Fibers Of the Wheel Brush 

The ultra-soft brush is super absorbent with highly dense hairs, efficiently utilizing detergent and creating foam for cleaning without causing damage to the wheels while providing chemical resistance, resulting in an ideal brush for wheel cleaning. The wool brush head with hairs becomes thinner once it gets wet due to the highly absorbent nature of the material; to avoid that, you may soak the brush a portion of it.  

A Long Handle With Premium Wool Helps Cleaning 

Long handles attached to premium wool make the wheel cleaning process quick. The synthetic wool gently removes brake dust and grime from all wheels.

Easy Grip Handle

The custom grip makes it easy to use this brush without being slippery or hard to handle. 

Dimensions and weight

19(L)x3(W)  Diameter: 3 inch, 4.5oz   

Features and Benefits: 

  • Premium soft wool is super absorbent, chemical-resistant, and 100% recyclable. 
  • Innovative 45-degree angles mitigate the difficulty of narrow space cleaning
  • High-density fiber represents better cleaning ability and durability
  • Please irrigate residual detergent with flowing water and natural air drying after use.
  • Easy grip handle


Weight 0.31 lbs
Dimensions 19.29 × 3.15 × 1.97 in


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