Microfiber Monthly Subscription Box

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• Specially curated selection of microfiber towels and accessories
• Discover new microfiber products to add to your expanding arsenal
• A fun way to stay up-to-date on the latest microfiber innovations

*Not Eligible For Discounts
*No Returns, Refunds, Or Exchanges

$29.99 on the 27th of each month

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Subscription Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Monthly Subscription Box

Looking to elevate your detailing game? MaxShine's Microfiber Monthly Subscription Box caters to both beginners and experienced detailers. Every month, you'll receive a surprise box filled with premium microfiber products, hand-picked to help you achieve a flawless shine. It's the perfect way to build your detailing arsenal and discover new microfiber must-haves, all delivered conveniently to your door.


Microfiber Monthly Subscription Box

Features and Benefits

Stock Up on Microfiber Essentials

Looking to build your detailing microfiber collection? MaxShine's Microfiber Monthly subscription box delivers a curated selection of premium microfiber products directly to your doorstep every month.

Microfiber Monthly Subscription Box - Microfiber Towels

Discover New Microfiber Favorites Every Month

The surprise is part of the fun with MaxShine's Microfiber Monthly! Each box is hand-selected with a variety of microfiber products to help you achieve the perfect shine on your car.

Microfiber Monthly Subscription Box - Microfiber Applicators

Upgrade Your Detailing with Premium Microfiber Products

Never run out of the perfect microfiber for the job! A monthly subscription ensures you have a steady stream of high-quality microfiber products to tackle any detailing task.

Microfiber Monthly Subscription Box - Premium Microfiber Towels


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What is the MaxShine Microfiber Monthly Subscription?

This is a subscription service that delivers fresh, high-quality microfiber products to your doorstep each month.

Who is this subscription for?

Car enthusiasts and detailers (both professional and hobbyist).

What different subscription plans does MaxShine offer?

In addition to the Microfiber Monthly Subscription Box, MaxShine offers the Mystery Monthly Subscription for general detailing products.

Can I customize my subscription box?

Currently, there is not an option to customize the box. The box contents are curated monthly by MaxShine.

When will I receive my first box?

The arrival time of your first box will depend on the date of shipment and processing times. Microfiber Monthly Subscription Boxes are billed on the 27th of each month and processed on the following business day.

How often will I be billed?

You will be billed monthly on the 27th of each month.

How to I cancel my subscription?

When logged into MaxShineUSA.com you can access your subscription preferences in your profile.

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