Maxshine Foldable Paint Inspection LED

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The swirl light is an essential Paint Inspection Light comprising 40 individual LEDs. Light it up with the LED swirl finder, an ultra-bright, 280-degree turntable and 360-degree foldable. 

Turn the fully adjustable knob to the desired brightness and hang the light on the metal surface via the magnetic base for hands-free illumination.

Light up dark crevices of your cabin during interior details to achieve that perfect spotless clean or reveal scratches and swirls during polishing to get the brightest shine with the Maxshine Foldable Paint Inspection LED. 


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Maxshine Foldable Paint Inspection LED

The Swirl Light

Ultra Bright Detailing Light 

The swirl finder light assists your detailing job in the dark, featuring powerful 300 Lumens lighting capability, an ergonomic design, and a rechargeable battery for precision work. 

Ample Illumination For Small Spaces 

With a powerful 300 Lumens, this light source provides ample illumination, suitable for lighting up small spaces such as the engine bay or undercarriage of your car. 

Ergonomic Design - Foldable and Turntable Headlight 

The front knob allows easy control of brightness levels. The headlight is designed with a 360-degree foldable and 280-degree turntable feature, providing flexibility during your detailing tasks. It contains a rechargeable battery, charged through a built-in USB port with a cable included in the package. The battery indicator light turns green when fully charged. 

Features and Benefits: 

  •  Ultra bright detailing light: 300 Lumens of lighting power sufficiently lights up a car in the dark, under the hood, or undercarriage. The 5” light strip comprises 40 LEDs, emitting significant light volume.
  • Adjustable Light: The Brightness Control Knob in the front lets you adjust the brightness of the light.
  • 360-degree foldable and 280-degree turntable head: You can use it at any angle with the foldable and turntable lighting head.
  • Hands-free hanging or attaching to a metal surface: It conveniently comes with a built-in hanger on the top and a magnetic grip at the bottom of the unit for attaching it to any metal surface, helping hands-free.
  • Rechargeable Battery: You can always recharge the battery via a built-in USB port connected by a cable included in the package. The battery status indicator becomes green when fully charged. 
  • Dimension and Weight: Unfolded: 16.25(L)x1.2(W)x1.4(H) including hanger, Folded: 8.25(L)x1.2(W)x1.8(H), 5.8 oz

Proper Usage of The Foldable Paint Inspection Light:

Charge it with the USB cable supplied when you receive the unit.

The first charge will take approximately an hour, shorter than the next one since the swirl finder charged in partial when shipped. 

Lay down the swirl finder light in a flat and charge it every 30 days when not in use.

Foldable Paint Inspection Swirl Light


Maxshine Ultra bright Detailing Inspection lightUltra Bright Rechargeable Foldable Paint Inspection LightMaxshine Ultra bright Detailing Inspection light
Foldable Paint Inspection Swirl Light
Foldable Paint Inspection Swirl Light


Foldable Paint Inspection Swirl Light



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8.46 × 1.97 × 1.77 in

1 review for Maxshine Foldable Paint Inspection LED

  1. Eric Martinez

    Bought mini swirl finder Light, 2 Cases of graphene ceramic coating. By far the easiest and fastest way to put on a coating. Would definitely recommend and will buy again. Sincerely, Eric Miller (Eric K’s Mobile-Auto Detailing)

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