Tire Scrub Brush

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The tire scrub brush with stiff bristles works perfectly on tires and wheel rims, helping you quickly complete your job. 

  • Stiff bristles
  • Long and curved shape handle
  • Comfortable and efficient in deep cleaning


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Tire Scrub Brush - Perfect Tire and Wheel Cleaning Brush, Stiff Bristles, Curved Shape

The tire scrub brush is a perfect tire and wheel cleaning brush crafted with premium bristle hair with a curved shape, quickly removing dirt and grime with stiff bristles reaching deep, further helped by the curved handle, which offers efficient and comfortable brushing. 

Ergonomic Brush For Cleaning Tires and Wheels

Ergonomically designed with stiff bristles for thorough and deep cleaning of tires, wheels, and other rubber surfaces, ensuring the cleaning object remains undamaged. The handle offers a comfortable grip for ease of use.

Durable Tire Scrub Brush 

Suitable for cleaning tires on any vehicle, this product is perfect for all vehicles. It is durable, washable, reusable, and used with car compounds.

Features and Benefits:

  • Deep Cleaning Brush: Tire Scrub Brush is perfect for tires and wheel rims when deep cleaning is needed.
  • Perfect For Cleaning Tires: Scrub off the dirt and grime with the stiff bristles, that cover the face of the brush, from your tires that lead to browning and discoloration.
  • Ergonomic Design: The long plastic handle with a curved shape is designed for a solid grip, allowing a quick scrub of contaminants.
  • Storage hole for convenient hanging.
  • Applicable to clean tires on all types of vehicles.

Dimensions and weight:

8.27inch (210mm) x 2.5inch(64mm)

Bristles Length: 0.98inch (25mm)

maxshine tire brush

Curved Shape

Tire Scrub Brush

Durable Bristles 

Tire Scrub Brush


0.26 lbs


10.83 × 4.13 × 2.76 in


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