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Thanks for visiting Maxshine to find a polisher for your car detailing journey. If you are here to buy a polisher that will elevate your car detailing experience, you are in the right spot!

It shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect polisher. 

In this topic, we will guide you through what will be an ideal polisher for your needs. 

Your ultimate guide to choosing a polisher for flawless car detailing

A polisher plays a pivotal role in achieving flawless paint correction in car detailing. That is why choosing the correct polisher is essential. In this topic, we will dive into the types of polishers, functionalities, and how to apply them for a professional finish. 

MaxShine The Reaper Best Dual Action Polisher

The Reaper Polisher

Exploring the types of polishers Maxshine offers to you. 

Before discussing the types of polishers, you should know that if you are new to a polisher, there is a limitation in selecting a polisher. 

If you are new to a polisher, we recommend choosing a beginner-friendly dual-action, a short throw less than 12mm polisher, which generates less heat and is more manageable. 

See below some of the popular Polishers from Maxshine, which offers a wide range of polishers and associated products.

MaxShine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher M0312 V2

Mini Cordless Polisher V2

MaxShine M8S V2 Dual Action Polisher for Car Detailing

MaxShine M8S V2-1000W Motor | Dual Action Polisher for Car Detailing

MaxShine M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer

M1000 5“/1000W Rotary Polisher Buffer

MaxShine M21 Pro Random Orbital Polisher

M21 Pro 21mm/1000W Dual Action Polisher | Random Orbital Polisher

Why not a rotary polisher?

A rotary polisher works best for heavy and extensive area polishing tasks.

A rotary polisher performs the best for extensive coverage. If you have large areas to cut, polish, or finish, a rotary polisher is your choice since a dual-action is inappropriate for these heavy tasks.  

Safe polishing 

Another consideration is safe polishing. A rotary polisher spins in a single circular motion, generating more heat than a dual-action polisher, which provides oscillation and circular motion. 

Thus, a dual-action is safer and more suitable for you if you are a beginner. 

Why does a rotary polisher fit for a professional detailer?

 A rotary polisher is harder to manage than a dual-action polisher since the rotary polisher generates more heat than the dual-action attributed by a single circular motion suitable for deep cutting and extensive areas to polish. 

Why is a dual-action with a short throw better for beginners?

You possibly look for polishing small targeted areas, for which you have a couple of choices. 

  • M8S V2: A beginner-friendly polisher with 8mm, short throw, best fit for you if you are a beginner. However, an expert or experienced detailer chooses this machine for polishing small areas, taking advantage of an 8mm short throw with a powerful 1000W engine and ergonomic design. 
  • Cordless Polisher

For experts or experienced detailers 

  • M312: A mid-size throw, 12mm, which applies to small to mid-range polishing. It embraces most M8S V2 features except with a longer throw and lower OPM (orbit per minute) than M8S V2.  
  • M15 Pro: A mid to long-range throw, 15mm, covering a mid to long-range polishing, employing similar features to the M312, except the throw size. 
  • M21 Pro: A long-range throw, 21mm suitable to polish extensive coverage, featuring similar to M15 Pro except the longer throw with linear pad movement, increasing pad velocity, and traveling longer   

An alternate option for you – a cordless polisher M0312V2 

Maxshine offers a cordless polisher that works as a dual-action or rotary polisher by exchanging interface modules. Uniquely, it supports a 3mm or 12mm throw, allowing you to polish mid-range with a 12mm throw and a 3mm throw to cut small areas. 
MaxShine Mini cordless polisher v2 light display

Mini cordless polisher v2 LED status window

Boost your mobility with the cordless polisher. 

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this polisher helps your mobility when polishing. You are free from the power cord burden and power source as you use a battery-powered polisher. 

The cordless polisher is extremely helpful in detailing tight surfaces such as car doors, bumpers, and interiors. 

Rotary polishers for heavy-duty paint corrections

Maxshine offers two(2) rotary polishers, M500 and M1000. 

  • M550: A three(3) inch disc with 500Watts engine, suitable to polish small range or tight areas with deep cutting.  
  • M1000: A five(5) inch disc with 1000Watts engine for heavy-duty cutting with extensive coverage, 

These rotary polishers match professional details requiring heavy or deep cutting with extensive coverage. Since the nature of the rotary polisher, they generate more heat than other polishers but provide cutting or polishing a dual-action polisher cannot. 

  • Unravel the intricacies of rotary polishers, which excel in heavy-duty paint correction but demand finesse in control due to their single circular motion.

Here is the summary of your considerations for choosing a polisher. 

  • Engine power in wattage: The more the wattage, the more power the polisher transfers its spinning strength to the target painted surface, attributing the ability to handle various levels of paint correction. Most Maxshine polishers embrace 1000 watts, with the exception of the cordless and M550. 
  • Vibration: The nature of a polisher spins to transfer its circular action to the surface, resulting in vibration. Minimizing vibration is one of the factors in choosing a polisher. Our polishers balance their power via internal electro-mechanical optimization, resulting in less vibration while offering more torque power than their competitive polishers in the market. 
  • Orbit size: Pre-defined by a polisher and affects the efficiency of polishing different surfaces, areas, and shapes.  
  • Design concern: Ergonomically designed polishers make you comfortable and allow better productivity and precision polishing. 
  • Adjustable speed: All Maxshine polishers enable you to adjust six(6) level speed settings while in operation, which helps for precision and efficient polishing. 
  • Orbit Size: Delve into the significance of orbit size, from small to large, and how it affects the efficiency of polishing different surfaces and areas.

Other selection criteria 

Other unmeasurable evaluation factors in selecting the perfect polisher. 

  • Job requirement: Find a specific task if it requires cutting, polishing, or finishing. Factors include the type of work: 
  1.         Small or extensive coverage
  2.         Swirl mark removal, or enhancing shine
  3.         Target surface type 
  • Skill set: Consider your skill set along with the types of polishers. 

Maxshine polisher product attributes 

Check below all Maxshine polishers and compare your selection criteria. 

Throw Plate  Power  Speed  Dimension  Weight  
M0312 V2 3mm 


1.2 or 2 inch 80 W 2500 ~ 6000 RPM 12(L)×2.13(W)×3.15(H) 2.11 lbs
M8S V2 8mm 5 inch  1000W 2,500 ~ 6,500 OPM 13.4(L)x3.5(W)x5.4(H) 5.11 lbs
M312  12mm 3 inch 550W 2500 ~ 6000 OPM 12.5(L)x3.1(W)x4.0(H) 4.13 lbs
M15 Pro 15mm 5 inch 1000W 2,200 ~ 5,000 OPM 16(L)x4.1(W)x5.1(H) 5.15 lbs
M21 Pro  21mm 6 inch  1000W 1,800~4,800 OPM 16.5(L)x4.2(W)x5.2(H) 6.71 lbs 
Disc Size  Power Speed (RPM)
M1000 5” 5 1000W 800~3,000 RPM 16(L)x4.1(W)x5.7(H)3.5 (W) without Plate, 5.45 lbs

With plate 5.46

M550 3” 3 500W 1,000~3,500 RPM 12.5(L)x3.1(W)x4.0(H) 4.2 lbs

Assisted products in elevating your polishing

  • Polishing plate: A polishing plate is dependent on the polisher machine’s pre-defined size and type. 
  • Pad: Choosing a polishing pad should be aligned with your task: cutting, polishing, or finishing.
  • Compound: the same consideration as the pad; however, you may not need a heavy-cutting compound if you choose a heavy-cutting polishing pad. You can choose a standard cutting compound to satisfy your heavy-cutting job.  

Summary of assisting in your polisher selection

We truly understand your difficulty in choosing a polisher for your task, which may vary from time to time, and you want to protect your investment by buying a polisher. Thus, we present the checklist concerned with types of polishers, our polisher specifics, and ideal selection criteria based on the applications

We recommend browsing further details of each polisher and finding your polisher; we will be more than happy to serve your buying journey. 

Learn more about the paint correction. 

The video guides you through how to polish your car in three(3) simple steps: 

  • Cool engine down
  • Preparation: Clean and clay your car 
  • Polishing the surface

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