M1000 – 5in Plate, 1000W

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  • Rotary polisher buffer works with the 5in backing plate that quickly covers large areas
  • 1000W powerful rotary engine cuts quicker than dual action polishers
  • Auto-shutoff carbon brushes safeguard against overheating damage
  • Compatible with 1in to 5in rotary backing plates to reach all areas
  • Pair with the Mini Rotary Polishing System or Rotary Extension Shaft Set to refine intricate details


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Elite M1000 Rotary Buffer

Rotary Polisher Buffer
Powerful, Balanced, Reliable

The rotary polisher buffer, MaxShine’s M1000, is a masterful tool that unlocks a new realm of automotive brilliance. Earning its rightful place in the toolkit of every detailer, it serves as the ultimate go-to polisher for tackling even the most stubborn paint imperfections. The M1000 demonstrates its prowess by effortlessly transforming dull and flawed surfaces into showcases of perfection. Advance your paint correction skills to a professional level with the M1000 rotary polisher. 

M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer

Features and Benefits

Professional Correction Performance with Powerful Motor

The rotary polisher buffer with a 1000W motor, offers significant power and torque to cut through scratches. Optimize your results with the remarkably efficient motor, making your overall experience faster and more convenient.

M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer Polishing a White Land Rover

Versatile Options with Adjustable 6-Speed Control

Enjoy the flexibility of M1000's speed control, allowing for both rapid cutting and a precise, high-quality finish. The rotary polisher makes your paint correction job quicker and more productive with the six adjustable speeds. 

M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer Polishing a White Land Rover Speed Dial Changing

Unique Integrated Safety Feature Designed for Longevity

With the tailored auto shut-off carbon brushes, the rotary buffer motor is shielded from potential damage caused by possible overheating, ensuring durability and reliability.

M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer Polishing a White Land Rover

Rotary Buffer with Perfect Balance

The M1000 is built to withstand the test of time, earning its permanent place in your detailing arsenal. The optimized electro-mechanical motor and perfect weight distribution create precise polishing and easy operation. 

M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer Polishing a White Land Rover

A Rotary Polisher Designed to Be Comfortable

The large, rubberized grip makes handling and maneuvering the rotary polisher buffer easier. Choose the grasp you need and increase your productivity with the detachable handle options.

M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer Polishing a White Land Rover Speed Dial Changing

The M1000 5in/1000W Rotary Polisher Advanced Features

The Elite Rotary Buffer

Effortless Action MaxShine M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer

Effortless Action

Operating the M1000 becomes second nature with its purpose-built design and perfect balance, ensuring effortless handling.
MaxShine M1000 Rotary Polisher BufferCustomizable Correction

Customizable Correction

Tailor your cutting and polishing process with the M1000’s adjustable speeds, ranging from 800 to 3,000 RPM, and progressive trigger, to achieve optimal results.
Effortless Action MaxShine M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer

Single Axis Rotation

The distinctive cutting and polishing abilities of a rotary polisher stem from its concentric rotational motion, setting it apart from other tools.

What's in the Box?

MaxShine M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer
MaxShine Rotary Buffers

Compare Rotary Polishers

The Best Buffers for Every Need



M1300 Pro

MaxShine M550 Rotary Car Polisherperfect

MaxShine M1000 Rotary Polisher Buffer

MaxShine M1300 Pro Rotary Polisher Buffer Polisher







1,000-3,500 RPM

800-3,300 RPM

600-3,200 RPM

Backing Plate





4.2 lbs

5.5 lbs

7.3 lbs

Dimensions (in)

12.5(L) x 3.1(W) x 4.0(H)

16.1(L) x 3.5(W) x 4.2(H)

19.69(L) x 8.27(W) x 6.3(H)

Summary of the Car Buffer

The rotary polisher buffer M1000 elevates your detailing skill to the next level with the powerful 1000W, 5in backing plate, assisting in cutting extensive areas while balanced structure offers you precision.

  • The car buffer with 1000W power with a 5in backing plate size delivers exceptional cutting and polishing results. 
  • The electro-mechanical balanced system offers less vibration and stable buffing action for precision polishing, further assisted by the six adjustable speeds. 
  • The rotary polisher buffer removes heavy swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation in extensive coverage. 

Are there accessories for the M1000 Rotary Polisher?

MaxShine MN01 Professional Mini Rotary Polishing System

The Mini Rotary Polishing System is a fully kit with a variety of backing plate sizes and polishing pad types. The system attaches to any 5/8-inch thread machine, including MaxShine’s M550, M1000, and M1300 Pro rotary polishers. 

MaxShine Shaft Extension Set

The Rotary Shaft Extension Set extends your polishing reach. From 2in to 10in, customize the length you need to reach where you want. Utilize the optional backing plate and pad kits to elevate your detailing capabilities to new heights.


6.78 lbs


18 × 5.9 × 5.4 in

Product Dimensions & Weight

16.1(L) x 3.5(W) x 4.2(H) in , 5.46 lbs

Polisher Type

Rotary / Buffer

Backing Plate




No Load Speed

800-3 , 300 RPM

Spindle Thread


Power Cord

13 Foot Heavy Duty Cable

Speed Control

1 – 6


Variable Trigger



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1 review for M1000 – 5in Plate, 1000W

  1. Jeffrey Carson

    Great buffer, glad I bought it

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What are the differences between M1000 and M550 rotary buffers?

The rotary buffer M1000 offers more power with 1000W and a larger 5in backing plate size, cutting larger areas with extensive coverage. The M550 aims to target small areas, using an optimized 3in backing plate and 550W power for precision.

What are the main functionalities of the M1000?

Removing swirls, lights scratches, and defects from paintwork. Restoring gloss and clarity to faded paint. Applying protective waxes and sealants. Can be used on headlights, chrome, and gelcoat surfaces with appropriate pads and compounds.

Is the M1000 suitable for beginners?

While powerful and effective, rotary polishers require more skill and caution than dual-action polishers. Beginners may want to consider starting with a DA polisher or practicing on scrap panels before using the M1000 on their car.

What does the M1000 5-inch backing plate allow me to do?

The 5-inch size offers a good balance between speed and control. It covers larger areas efficiently while still being maneuverable in tight spaces. You can also use smaller backing plates (1-inch to 5-inch) with an adapter for even more control in tight areas.

How powerful is the 1000W motor?

The 1000W motor delivers substantial cutting power, making it faster to remove deeper scratches and defects. However, it's crucial to use the right technique and pressure to avoid damaging the paint.

What is the speed range, and how do I choose the right setting?

The M1000 offers variable speed control from 800 to 3300 RPM. Start with lower speeds for polishing and apply progressive pressure. Use higher speeds for cutting with aggressive compounds, but be cautious to avoid burning the paint.

Does the M1000 have any safety features?

Yes, the M1000 features auto shut-off carbon brushes to prevent motor damage from overheating. Always wear safety glasses and gloves when using any power tool.

What accessories come with the M1000?

The standard package includes a 5-inch backing plate, backing plate wrench, D-handle, and additional carbon brushes. Additional pads and compounds need to be purchased separately based on your specific needs.

What types of pads and compounds can I use with the M1000?

MaxShine offers a variety of pads and compounds for different paint correction needs (cutting, polishing, finishing). Choose the pad and compound combination based on the severity of the paint defects and the desired finish.

Where can I find replacement parts and additional accessories?

You can purchase replacement parts and accessories directly from MaxShine on the spare parts page.

What are the advantages of using a rotary polisher compared to a dual-action polisher?

Rotary polishers generally offer more cutting power and faster correction of deeper scratches and defects.

What are the disadvantages of using a rotary polisher?

Rotary polishers require more skill and control to avoid damaging the paint. They can also be more aggressive and generate more heat, increasing the risk of burning the paint.

Can I use a rotary polisher on all types of paint?

It's not recommended to use a rotary polisher on single-stage or soft paints as they are more susceptible to damage. Always check the paint hardness and manufacturer's recommendations before using any polishing machine.

What safety precautions should I take when using a rotary polisher?

Wear safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection. Work in a well-ventilated area. Use the correct technique and pressure for the pad and compound combination. Start with lower speeds and test on an inconspicuous area before polishing the entire car.

Where can I learn more about car polishing techniques?

You can find detailed guides and instructional videos from detailing professionals and online communities.

1 year warranty MaxShine - Best detailing Polishers and Buffers

MaxShine Dual Action Polishers and Buffers Warranty:

Included in the purchase of a MaxShine Dual Action Polisher or Rotary Machine is a 1-year mechanical warranty, from purchase date. Exclusions include but are not limited to dismantled equipment, normal wear and tear, improper use and not following standard operational instructions.

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