5″/6″ DA Backing Plates, Pro Series


The 5 inch or 6 inch da backing plates work with 12000 OPM high-speed backing plates, constructed with heat-resistive polyurethane material, standing up to the power and colossal throw produced by the Maxshine polishers. 

  • Ideal for high-speed DA polishers 
  • Durable material construction 
  • Heat resistive design 
  • A Professional version


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5, 6 Inch DA Backing Plates - Durable and Flexible For High-speed DA Polishers

The 5 inch, 6 inch DA backing plates are ideal for high-speed DA polishers, boasting durability and efficient heat management through a Smart design. They support up to 12000 OPM with 5/16" diameter thread and accommodate 5-inch or 6-inch polishing pads.  

Durable material construction

The DA backing plate works with high-speed DA polishers with 5/16” diameter thread and 5-inch or 6-inch foam pads. The 14mm thickness with heat-resistive Polyurethane material construction decreases vibration while reducing the heat transfer from the polisher, better serving high-speed polishers, and supporting up to 12000 OPM DA polishers.  It allows them more than 10,000 times use.

Heat Management And Tapered Edge - The Smart Design

The 8-hole vented design offers easy airflow, helping the plate cool down and providing great thermal endurance. The tapered edge helps to prevent contact between the plate and the paint surface when the polisher leans to the surface.

Perfect Balancing

The center of the plate is ready with a bolt to attach a polisher and surrounded by the six(6) reinforced steel struts to maintain balance and apply pressure evenly to the pad.

Dimensions and Weight

5": 4.8 inch Diameter x 0.5 inch(H: without the bolt), 4.4oz

6": 5.8 inch Diameter x 0.5 inch(H: measurement without the bolt), 4.6oz 

5″_6″ Pro Series Dual Action Backing Plate

Hook and Loop Plate

The hook and Loop fastener embedded in the backing plate provides a tight tie with the pad for any tasks. It also allows easy attachment of the different types of pads to stay centered and balanced.


Compare the 5" and 6" dual-action backing plates and pair them with Maxshine 5" or 6" Pro version DAs.

 dual action polisher backing plate6 inch DA backing plates
 Maxshine DA Pro 5" Backing PlateMaxshine DA Pro 6" Backing Plate
Thread Size5/16"5/16"

The 5" Plate DA Polisher: M15 Pro

MaxShine M15 Pro Dual Action Orbital Polisher

The 6" Plate DA Polisher M21 Pro

MaxShine M21 Pro Random Orbital Polisher

What type of polishing pad should I choose for the high-speed DA plates with polishers?

You can choose any polishing pads made of microfiber, foam, orange peel remover, or wool, depending on the size and job-specific needs. Check below for each pad category.  

FoamMicrofiberWoolOrange Peel

5 - 6 inch High Pro Foam Pads

microfiber pad

Synthetic Wool Cutting Pad – 3 -5 -6 inch | Wool Pads

Orange Peel Removal Pad

0.37 lbs


5.91 × 6.42 × 1.18 in

Size (inch)

5 Inch , 6 Inch


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