Automotive Masking Tape


The automotive masking tape is perfect for car detailing tasks, ensuring a residue-free finish and ease of stick and tear. The different widths of the Automotive Masking Tape will meet all your various needs. 

The masking tapes are ideal for customized vehicle paint graphics, paint correction and headlight restoration protection, and any other automotive DIY projects.


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Automotive Masking Tape For Car Detailing | No Residue Tape

The masking tapes are perfect for custom vehicle paint graphics, paint correction, headlight restoration protection, and other car detailing projects. Crafted from high-quality textured paper, they effortlessly stick and tear. They adhere firmly without lifting and leaving no adhesive residue behind, making them a perfect choice for multiple applications in car detailing. Automotive Masking Tape

Features and Benefits:

  • Constructed of quality textured paper
  • Easy to stick and tear
  • Won’t lift while working
  • No residue tape
  • Multipurpose capability







Dimensions  0.71in x 165ft 0.71in x 165ft 1.42in x 165ft 1.42in x 165ft
Number of rolls  1 4 1 4
Color  Red Red Red Red



MT18-Single Pack


MT18P – 4 Pack


MT36 – Single Pack


MT36 4 Pack


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