Maxshine Ever So Soft (ESS) Brushes


The car detailing brushes offer an excellent bend recovery perfect for interior detailing, effortlessly removing dust, dirt, and debris from elegant surfaces.  It is a soft car washing brush made of high-quality and chemical-resistant, and it works well on sensitive car interior surfaces. 

  • Made of high-quality 612 Nylon bristles, providing an excellent bend recovery
  • The bristles and handle are resistant to heat and chemicals.
  • The polypropylene textured handle will not mar fragile surfaces and is overall very well balanced.


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Maxshine Ever So Soft (ESS) Brushes

The Car Detailing Brushes

A Soft Car Washing Brush - Ultra-soft, Fast Bend Recovery

The car detailing brushes feature high-quality 612 Nylon bristles and a sturdy rubber handle, perfectly working as car interior detailing brushes, removing fine dust from dashboards, air vents, and other hard-to-reach areas.  

Excellent Bend Recovery Bristles of The Brush

The 612 nylon bristles provide: 

  • Excellent elastic memory for bend recovery
  • Flexibility
  • Chemical stability
  • Heat resistance

Durable and Reliable Handle 

The durable handle gives reliable weight pointing to the brush bristles, assisting in a stable brushing action, and the polypropylene textured handle will not damage fragile surfaces.

These qualities collectively contribute to the effortless removal of dust, dirt, and debris from car interior surfaces, ensuring a prolonged service life. 

The Soft Car Washing Brush- Made of High-quality

Maxshine ESS Detailing Brush

Features and Benefits:

  • The car detailing brushes, known as Maxshine Ever So Soft (ESS), assist in interior detailing, removing dust, dirt, and debris from elegant surfaces.
  • Made of 612 nylon bristles, they offer excellent bend recovery, flexibility, and chemical and heat resistance. 
  • It also works great for cleaning around badges, instrument clusters, and trim
  • Brush bristles are not prone to scratch or mar fragile finishes and can resist corrosive chemicals. 
  • They offer a more valuable, safer, and more comfortable solution when compared to similar products. 
  • Non-slip with high-quality rubber handle

Dimensions and weight

 SmallLarge     Combo
 Dimension (inches)6.75(L) x 1.5(W) 10.3(L)x1.75(W)  Includes Small, Large
Weight1.4oz2.6oz See Left Columns 
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Ever So Soft (ESS) Car Detailing Brush

Ever So Soft (ESS) Car Detailing Brushes

MaxShine ESS Detailing Brush Ultra Soft Set Car Detailing Brushes

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People Also Asked

Can I use a Nylon bristle brush with a chemical cleaning compound?

Yes, you can use a chemical cleaning compound with a Nylon bristle brush.

Can I use a Nylon bristle brush to clean car video screens or buttons without worrying about scratches?

Ever So Soft (ESS) Car Detailing Brushes

Check with the specific Nylon material. The 612 nylon bristles will not scratch your video screen or buttons.

Weight 0.31 lbs
Dimensions 13.94 × 4.33 × 2.17 in





Kit (small + large)

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