Ceramic Coating Application Pack

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Graphene Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Application Pack
Foam Applicators & Suede Cloths

Flawless ceramic coating application can be achieved with the perfect pairing - Ceramic Coating Foam Applicators with Suede Microfiber Cloths. The applicators' precise design and the suede texture of the microfiber cloth guarantee an even spread of the coating, reaching every corner effortlessly. This protective layer not only enhances the vehicle's shine but also guards against environmental damage, ensuring a lasting brilliance. With this unbeatable combination, enjoy a head-turning, protected vehicle that exudes unmatched sophistication on every drive.

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Maxshine Suede Microfiber Towel for Detailing Coating

Suede Microfiber Cloth

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Ceramic Coating Applicator Pad -12 pcs - pack

Ceramic Coating Applicator

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Ceramic Coating Application

Foam Applicators


suede microfiber towel on foam applicator

Ceramic Coating Applicator Pad

This applicator ensures a flawlessly smooth and even ceramic coating, merging a high-density foam block for easy handling with a smooth open-cell foam for effortless gliding. Its firm yet comfortable design enables thorough coverage on both flat and contoured areas. Perfect for wax or tire dressing application as well.

Ceramic Coating Application

Suede Coating Cloth


Suede Microfiber Cloth for Detailing Coating

The Suede Microfiber Cloths stand out as a top pick for applying car coatings. The slim, flat structure, provides accurate and consistent application. Additionally, these cloths are delicate on various surfaces, making them versatile for cleaning tasks such as navigation screens, interior plastics, televisions, sunglasses, mirrors, and beyond.


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