Maxshine Detailing Clay Bar – 3pcs/pack



Maxshine Detailing Clay Bar professionally removes external surface contaminants such as overspray, factory fallout, tar, grime, rail dust, and tree sap mist. Effective on paint, glass, metal, and plastic.


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Maxshine Detailing Clay Bar – 3pcs/pack

Features and Benefits:

The Maxshine Detailing Clay Bar professionally removes or wipes away interior and external surface contaminants such as overspray, factory fallout, tar, grime, rail dust, and tree sap mist. Evenly effective on paint, glass, metal, and plastic.


Color: Purple

Package: 3pcs/pack

Weight: 150g(3*50g) per pack

Grade: Heavy


Keep the clay or the car surface lubricated at all times in use.

What is a clay bar?

Clay bar is a car cleaning product, made of resin and other artificial ingredients. It is stretchable, kneadable, and reusable, making it extremely helpful when removing stubborn stains, such as oxide, asphalt, water spots, bug guts and break dust. Because of its special physical structure, during the cleaning process, a clay bar can wrap contaminants inside, with no concern about scratching the paint. Leaving the paint looking clean and shiny. You can choose from a heavy, medium, or fine-grade clay bar, dependent on the situation.

Why would you need a clay bar?

It’s quite common that a “normal” car wash itself, can’t get rid of all the stains and contaminants. Which may not only cause further damage to the paint but also result in an unprofessional or sloppy job when it comes time to apply wax or coatings. These stains and contaminants can be removed safely and efficiently with a clay bar. It’s also very easy to use, which makes clay bars one of the most popular detailing products for both professional detailers and enthusiasts.

Advantages of using Maxshine Detailing Clay Bar

One of the most advantages of this clay bar Directly use with water. No needed for any extra lubrication. Can be used many times for 1pc. Competitive and necessary preparation for polishing and waxing, to achieve the best results on the paint and glass. Greats glass-smooth paint definitely, appeals to be more effective for polishing and waxing meanwhile it can also rub off chemical substances, such as tar or asphalt, and won’t damage cars’ surface. Made from high-quality and advanced material, this clay bar has great detergency and can make your cars super clean and smooth as glass.


How to use the detailing clay bar?

Step1. Start by parking the car in shade and soaking the exterior with water.

The purpose of a clay bar is to dislodge touch stuck on road materials in addition to smoothing out the finish. Rub your hand over the car surface before applying the clay bar and you will fill small rough spots.

clay bar

Step2. Mix proper proportion of car wash liquid in a bucket of water.

Do not use dishwashing liquid or other soap. It can harm the car’s finish. Wash a section of the car at a time, and rinse until completing the entire car.

clay bar

Step3. Clay bar application.

After the clay bar application and wiping off, the surface will be perfectly smooth. Use as directed with the liquid it comes with, a small section at a time.

clay bar

Step4. Apply the clay bar.

The purpose of a clay bar is to dislodge touch stuck on road materials in addition to smoothing out the finish. Wax if desired. This will increase shine and help protect the car’s finish.

clay bar

maxshine clay bar


Purple clay bar (heavy grade)

Deeply eligible to clean and remove surface contaminants like tree sap mist, bug residue, paint overspray, road tar, rail dust, and other stubborn dirt.

White clay bar (fine grade)

Best at removing light contamination and eligible to remove or wipe away overspray, bug debris, tree sap, road tar, sud, grime, dust, and other contaminants.

How to choose?

In the face of very stubborn stains, or very harsh paint, you must use a heavy-grade clay bar to remove them easily, otherwise, the fine-grade one cannot work. However, in the case of a better paint surface, only for routine paint surface maintenance and decontamination, it is sufficient to use a fine-grade clay bar, because if you use a heavy one, you can easily remove the stains, but the paint has excessive friction.

When decontamination, it is reasonable to choose the correct decontamination grade product to avoid excessive friction on the paint surface.

clay bar clay bar
Maxshine Heavy Grade Magic Clay Bar Maxshine Fine Grade Magic Clay Bar
Material Grade Heavy Fine
Color Purple White
Weight 150g/pack 150g/pack
Package 3pcs/pack 3pcs/pack
Weight 0.46 lbs
Dimensions 3.74 × 2.36 × 2.76 in




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