Rim Cleaning Brush – 10in Long, Soft Grip Handle


The rim cleaning brush is 10 inches long with a soft grip handle and comprises light or medium-duty brushes, differentiated by the head bristles and applications. The unique and thoughtful design offers the best results in cleaning the rim. 

  • The anti-slip and shock-absorbent soft thermal plastic rubber grip enhances user comfort. 
  • Reducing hand fatigue and improving comfort are achieved through the ergonomic design of the handle. 
  • Preventing scratches and other damage with the thermal plastic rubber safety bumper
  • Optimized handle length ensures maximum cleaning with minimal effort. 
  • Soft bristles are ideal for light-duty cleaning or delicate surfaces. 


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Rim Cleaning Brush - Ergonomic Design: Soft Grip, Safety Bumper, Easy Handle 

The rim cleaning brush, made of PET and PBT(light duty) or PET and PP(medium duty) bristles, produces the best result in detailing rims, door jams, and other car parts with mild agitation. Safely and properly clean a vehicle’s sensitive surfaces with the Rim Cleaning Brush, providing a comfortable grip, soft and anti-slip. 

Comfortable Grip 

The soft thermal plastic rubber grip incorporates an anti-slip and shock-absorbent feature, guaranteeing a secure hold and minimizing the impact of shocks. Combined with the ergonomic handle design, this ensures a comfortable grip and effectively reduces fatigue during use.  

Optimal Handle Length  

The optimized handle length of the Rim Cleaning Brush provides the optimal combination of reach and stability. Maintain grip and control while cleaning with the ability to cover more area with less effort.

Rubber Safety Bumper 

The sturdy thermal plastic rubber safety bumper creates a durable protective shield, effectively guarding against scratches and damage while cleaning. With this bumper in position, you can scrub away dirt and grime confidently without any concerns.

Features & Benefits

  • The ergonomic and detailed design allows thorough cleaning while bringing comfortable operation.
  • The soft and anti-slip of the brush provides a comfortable grip 
  • Optimal handle length for extended reach and stable brushing 
  • The safety bumper creates a protective shield.
  • Two types of brush bristles: light and medium-duty based on the material construction

Rubber Grip with Enhanced Slip Resistance

Protective Rubber Buffer

Optimal Handle Length

MaxShine Soft Grip Light Duty Rim Cleaning Brush with Medium Handle-7MaxShine Soft Grip Light Duty Rim Cleaning Brush with Medium Handle-5MaxShine Soft Grip Light Duty Rim Cleaning Brush with Medium Handle-1
Non-slip, comfortable gripSafety Bumper allows safe scrubbing away dirt and grime confidently, without any concerns.The handle length provides the optimal combination of reach and stability.

Applications by light-duty vs. medium-duty brushes

Medium Duty Brush Light Duty Brush 
Soft Grip Medium Duty Brush with Medium Handle Rim Cleaning BrushMaxShine Soft Grip Light Duty Rim Cleaning Brush with Medium Handle-3
  • Mild cleaning, medium agitation
  • Plastics
  • Engines and wheel wells
  • Canvas convertible tops
  • Light cleaning, mild agitation
  • Wheel Rims
  • Door Jams
  • Leather Interiors 

Light-duty Vs. Medium-duty Brushes Specification


Light Duty


Medium Duty 

Size: 10.64 x 2.83 x .58”

Handle Material: Red PP & Black TPE

Bristle Material: PET & PBT

Bristle Color: Red


Soft Grip Light Duty Rim Cleaning Brush with Medium Handle Cleaning Plastics

Size: 10.64 x 2.83 x .58”

Handle Material: Red PP & Black TPE

Bristle Material: PET & PP

Bristle Color: Black & White



Pair it with The Detailing Brush Hanger

MaxShine's Detailing Brush Hanger provides the perfect solution for storing your short and medium-handle brushes on walls, vans, and any detailing location!
Its iron construction and corrosion-resistant finish ensure a stylish and durable holder that easily withstands chemical spills and leaks.

MaxShine Detailing Brush Hanger Wall Brush Holder

Weight 0.55 lbs
Dimensions 10.64 × 0.58 × 2.83 in
Bristle Type

Light Duty


Medium Duty

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