Rotary Tool Kit – Rotary Polisher Expansion Pack

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  • Rotary tool kit comprises of Mini Polishing System, Extension Shaft Set, and 2in Rotary Backing Plate and Pads Set
  • Wide-range compatibility with 5/8in thread rotary machines
  • Mini Polishing System enhances the most minute of details with its array of pad textures, shapes, and sizes
  • Extension Shaft Set is made of long-lasting rust resistant stainless steel and can be connected together to expand reach potential
  • A wool pad, foam cutting pad, foam polishing pad, foam finishing pad, and backing plate are included in the 2in Polishing Kit

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Rotary Polisher Expansion Pack

Rotary Tool Kit
Mini Polishing System & Shaft Extension Set

Our rotary tool kit is a comprehensive solution that combines the Mini Polishing System with the Extension Shaft Set to create the Rotary Polisher Expansion Pack. Crafted for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike, this dynamic duo ensures unmatched precision and versatility in every detailing task. The MaxShine Mini Polishing System offers exceptional power and maneuverability, flawlessly enhancing every curve and minute detail. Paired with the Rotary Extension Shaft Set, this kit extends your reach, effortlessly accessing tight spots for a complete, showroom-quality finish. 

Rotary Tool Kit Rotary Polisher Expansion Pack
MaxShine MN01 Professional Mini Rotary Polishing System

Mini Rotary Polishing System

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MaxShine Shaft Extension Set

Rotary Shaft Extension Set

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Foam Polishing Kit | Buffing Pads for Cars

Rotary Polishing Pads Kit

2in Polishing Kit
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Rotary Tool Kit

Mini Rotary Polishing System

Mini Polishing System in Use on motorcycle

Mini Polishing System

Precision meets power in this compact dynamo, offering unparalleled performance and maneuverability. Its advanced rotary technology ensures even the tiniest details are polished to perfection. Compatible with 5/8in thread rotary machines, this kit includes an assortment of pad textures, shapes, and sizes, allowing you to reach where most polishers can't. Tackle intricate rims, detailed emblems, and more with ease—no swirls will stand in your way.

Rotary Tool Kit

Extension Shaft Set

3pc Set

Rotary Extension Shaft Set

 Crafted from rust-resistant stainless steel for enduring performance, this set extends your polisher's reach, conquering tight spots effortlessly. Seamlessly connect extensions to your rotary polisher and explore unreachable corners with ease. Elevate your polishing game by pairing it with compatible backing plate and pad kits. Maximize your rotary polisher's capabilities and redefine precision detailing, making every inch of your vehicle shine like never before.

MaxShine Shaft Extension Set in use
Rotary Tool Kit

2in Polishing Kit

Buffing Pads for Cars Rotary Polisher Pads Kit with Backing Plate 1in, 2in, 3in

Polishing Kit with Backing Plate

Discover the ultimate polishing solution with our comprehensive kit featuring one wool pad and three foam pads tailored for cutting, polishing, and finishing, accompanied by a 5/8″ thread polishing plate. This all-in-one kit simplifies pad and plate selection, showcasing MaxShine's premium, long-lasting materials. Perfectly compatible with your polisher, these pads ensure an extended service life and professional-grade results for all your detailing needs.


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10.04 × 5.91 × 2.76 in

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MaxShine Detailing Kits Warranty:

Included in the purchase of a MaxShine Kit is a 30-day comprehensive warranty, from purchase date. Exclusions include but are not limited to dismantled equipment, normal wear and tear, clogged foam cannon bottles due to use of gloss soaps, misuse of chemicals resulting is damage to pads, and not following standard operational instructions. Warranty is only accepted as an exchange for the same product. Used chemicals and clay bars will not be eligible for warranty claims.

MaxShine Guarantee

As of September 1st, 2023, MAXSHINE will maintain, repair or replace any defective tool, due to faulty materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the warranty. Subject to certain exclusions below. Receipts are required for all warranty claims. MaxShine does not cover shipping cost for repairs.


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