Back Brace

  • Deluxe import mesh and high elastic nylon fabric ensure breathability and prevent discomfort during extended wear
  • Customizable suspenders provide a secure, personalized fit that stays put while you work
  • Supports your back during bending, lifting, and reaching, reducing strain and the risk of pain
  • High-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance and reliability


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Back Brace
For Car Detailing

MaxShine's Back Brace maximizes your detailing comfort and minimizes pain and strain. This supportive accessory is crafted from breathable, durable materials and features adjustable suspenders and a secure fit to keep you comfortable all day long. Whether you're a professional detailer or a weekend warrior, this brace is an essential tool for protecting your back and keeping you comfortable on the job.

Back Brace

Features and Benefits

Move with Confidence

By enhancing intra-abdominal pressure, it shifts stress away from your spine, preventing pain and protecting you from injuries. Tackle any detailing task with confidence, knowing your back is fully supported.

Back Brace

Breathe Easy, Work Strong

Crafted from premium mesh and elastic nylon, this brace delivers both durability and breathability. Permeable holes let air flow freely, keeping you cool and comfortable even during intense detailing sessions.

Back Brace

Find Your Perfect Fit

This isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. With 6 sizes available, you're guaranteed a personalized fit that provides optimal support. Adjustable suspenders ensure the brace stays securely in place, no matter how you bend or twist.

Back Brace
Car Detailing

Back Brace Advanced Features

Back Brace

Hook & Loop Attachment

An easily adjustable waist closure lets you find the right fit.
Back Brace

Adjustable Support

Adjustable suspenders provide maximum comfort and additional support.
Back Brace

Removable Suspenders

The suspenders can be removed when not needed.
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Weight 1.04 lbs
Dimensions 10.24 × 7.87 × 2.56 in
Product Dimensions

Small – 37.4(L) x 7.74(W) in
Medium – 39.4(L) x 7.74(W) in
Large – 41.3(L) x 7.74(W) in
XL – 43.3(L) x 7.74(W) in
XXL – 45.3(L) x 7.74(W) in
3XL – 47.2(L) x 7.74(W) in



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Does the MaxShine Back Brace provide pain relief?

The MaxShine Back Brace is designed to help reduce pain caused by muscle strain, sprains, and other back conditions. By supporting your lower back, the brace can help to take pressure off of your spine and muscles, which can help to reduce pain and discomfort.

Does the MaxShine Back Brace improve posture?

The MaxShine Back Brace can help to improve your posture by gently pulling your shoulders back and aligning your spine. This can help to reduce pain and discomfort, as well as improve your overall health and well-being.

Does the MaxShine Back Brace reduce risk of injury when detailing?

The MaxShine Back Brace can help to reduce your risk of injury by providing support and stability to your lower back. This is especially important if you engage in activities that put stress on your back, such as lifting heavy objects or contorting during car detailing.

Does the MaxShine Back Brace increase comfort when detailing?

The MaxShine Back Brace is made from soft, breathable materials that are comfortable to wear all day long. The brace is also adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for your body.

How does the MaxShine Back Brace work?

The MaxShine Back Brace works by providing support and compression to your lower back. The brace is made from high-quality materials that are designed to conform to your body and provide targeted support. The brace also features adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit for your individual needs.

Who can benefit from using a MaxShine Back Brace?

The MaxShine Back Brace can be beneficial for a variety of people, including: People with lower back pain. People who suffer from muscle strain or sprain. People who have poor posture. People who are at risk of injury. People who want to improve their comfort and well-being.

What size Back Brace should I get?

The MaxShine Back Brace is available in a variety of sizes to fit most body types. To find the right size for you, please measure your waist circumference around your belly button.

How do I care for my MaxShine Back Brace?

The MaxShine Back Brace is easy to care for. Simply hand wash the brace in warm water with mild soap and air dry.

Can I wear the MaxShine Back Brace all day long?

Yes, you can wear the MaxShine Back Brace for as long as you are comfortable. However, it is important to remove the brace for at least 2 hours per day to allow your skin to breathe.

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